What does it mean to dream about smoke?

Dreaming about smoke

A dream in which you saw smoke can indicate some troubles and problems that are entering your life. You may be nervous and stressed right now. If the smoke was black, the dream may mean that you do not see the problems clearly, and if it was white, your emotions may be blocking your judgment of the situation. White smoke can mean both consent and acceptance.

Smoke in a dream can mean doubt and fear, it can also mean that someone or someone is obstructing your judgment in a situation. Smoke in dreams can, also, often represent different kinds of emotions towards people or situations. 

15 Interpretations of dreams about smoke

Dream about inhaling smoke

This kind of dream may indicate that negligence harms you in some situations. It is possible you are a person who usually doesn’t worry enough which can sometimes be as bad as being overly cautious.

Dream about being surrounded by smoke

If you were surrounded by smoke in a dream, such a dream is usually not a good sign and can mean some procrastination and insecurity, which can slow you down in progress and achieving some important goals and plans. If you are feeling insecure often it would be wise to seek professional help.

Perhaps self-doubt will prevent you from completing or starting a plan that you could otherwise easily complete. The message of this dream is that you should take any action because everything is better than no action. Better to try and fail than never to try at all.

Dream about being in a cloud of thick smoke

If you dreamed a dream like this and could not breathe because of the smoke, that dream may foretell some natural disasters soon. It would be wise to prepare yourself for an emergency.

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Dream about fire and smoke

This dream is a warning of the possible danger that is approaching you. Be very careful even when you are just following your normal daily routine.

Dream about your house filled with smoke

If you dreamed of your house completely filled with smoke, such a dream is a good sign and indicates good luck and happy circumstances for new projects and plans. If you have difficulty moving through the smoke due to poor visibility, it could mean a happy event that will help the success of the project you are currently working on.

Dream that you fainted from smoke

If you dreamed that the smoke stunned you and that you fainted, such a dream is not a good sign and indicates difficulties in solving problems in life. Since you will not be able to solve these problems on your own, you will probably have to seek advice or someone’s help. Seeking help from others, especially those close to you is nothing to be ashamed about.

Dream about smoking and exhaling cigar smoke

If you smoked and exhaled smoke in a dream, that dream may indicate that you are a person who likes challenges for yourself and others and that you do not think much before you take action, which leads to unexpected consequences for you and others. Sometimes it’s smarter to think before making any rash decisions. This dream could also mean that you have found a common language with someone with whom you are working on a joint project, and finding common ground will make your job a lot easier.

Dreaming of walking through the smoke

If in a dream you were trying to break through thick smoke, that dream may mean that a period of some more intense events related to your private life and emotional goals is beginning. Maybe some trouble is brewing and you better prepare yourself emotionally for it.

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Dream about smelling smoke

If you smell smoke in a dream, even though you haven’t seen it, that dream may mean that you will soon be shocked or confused with something. This shock may be related to a project you are currently engaged in, which can eventually lead to work delays. If possible try to keep your private and business life as separate as you can.

Dream about smoke rising

Dreaming about rising smoke might indicate that there is something happening around you that might hurt you in the long run. Usually, it is work-related, but it isn’t uncommon that there are some problems at home as well.

Dream about smoke coming out of a factory chimney

This dream is generally a good sign and indicates a miraculous solution to the problem you have. Maybe you are currently stuck on a project at work, but the solution is close by.

It is possible that some of the troubles you have had until recently will go away on their own, with little or no effort on your part. This will bring you the long-awaited relief and you will be able to dedicate yourself to the things you have been putting off for a long time.

Dreaming about smoke in the street

If you dreamed that you saw thick smoke in the street while looking out the window, then such a dream can mean impending disappointment and misfortune in the near future. Perhaps someone from your inner circle is about to give you some bad news.

Dreaming of white smoke

If you saw white smoke in a dream, that dream may indicate your tendency to dream about a standard of living that is not currently available to you. Currently, your needs are much higher than your earnings but keep working hard and you will reach the lifestyle you desire.

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Dream about white smoke coming out of a chimney

If you have dreamed a dream like this, it is a good sign and foretells the realization of your dreams. The dream indicates that whatever you are currently engaged in will soon come true and make you very happy, all your hard work is about to pay off.

Dream about a smoke detector

If you saw a smoke detector in your dream, the dream may indicate that you are currently in a potentially dangerous situation in which you must react quickly to prevent the consequences. This dream should be considered as a warning.

You should ask yourself what situation in your life requires such a reaction of yours and dedicate yourself to it. This dream may indicate that you are able to see through someone’s mask and true intentions, and not allow yourself to be fooled or blindsided.

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