Dreaming about an explosion – dream meaning

Dreaming about an explosion

An explosion is a very common motive that can occur in our dreams. If you want to discover what these dreams can mean, then read this text carefully. The symbolism of dreams about an explosion can be both positive and negative, depending on the overall context of the dream, as well as all the other details that occurred in your dreams. 

Psychologists believe that an explosion in dreams mainly symbolizes suppressed anger and aggression, that is, everything that you currently feel, so it comes to the surface through your dream. If you dreamed of an explosion, you are probably very dissatisfied and angry inside, so your anger and aggressive feelings are reflected in your dreams. However, there are many other meanings of dreams in which you see an explosion, depending on the situation in which you dreamed that an explosion occurred. 

Namely, the meaning of your dreams will depend on whether you only saw an explosion in a dream, whether you dreamed of hearing an explosion, whether in a dream you may have caused an explosion, whether you were injured in an explosion, whether you are clear in a dream saw explosives, etc. These are just some of the situations you can dream about that will determine the symbolism of your dream.

8 interpretations of dreams about an explosion 

Dream of seeing an explosion

If you saw an explosion in a dream, it is a good sign. This dream might mean that you will make great progress in the upcoming period. These kinds of dreams usually refer to your career. You will have the opportunity to show all your abilities and talents and you will realize that the wait was worth the effort. Therefore, if you have a dream like this, do not give up on your goal, because progress is sure to await you in the near future.

However, a dream in which you saw an explosion can be interpreted differently. Namely, this dream can mean that you have a great fear of what might happen in the future. You constantly think about it and take care of yourself and your family vigorously, so that fear of yours is reflected in the dream.

Dream of hearing an explosion

If you only heard an explosion in a dream but did not see it, then that dream indicates some very important news that you will soon receive. It is most likely good news, and it may relate to a trip you have signed up for, and is already on the way. When the news comes, you’ll be ecstatic.

However, the dream in which you hear an explosion can have other alternative interpretations. This dream can mean that you have yet to discover something about yourself, that is, to face what is in your subconscious. It is possible that some aspects of your personality are still hidden. Or possibly, the dream could be a warning that there is something possibly dangerous that awaits you in the upcoming period. Think about what the danger could be and do everything you can to avoid it. 

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Dream of a fiery explosion

If you dreamed of an explosion followed by fire, then that is a good sign. In the upcoming period, you can expect a lot of success in business, and some greater material gain is possible. In the case some business opportunities present themselves, we advise you to take advantage of them.

Dream that you caused the explosion

In the case you dream that you caused an explosion in some way, then this dream might be a warning to you to think carefully before any of your decisions or actions. Namely, it is possible that you react recklessly and could hurt the person you care about. Maybe it is better to think very carefully before you say something that could hurt someone you deeply care about. If you are not able to control your temper alone it wouldn’t be the worst thing to seek professional help. 

Dream that your face was injured in an explosion

Dreaming about being injured in an explosion might be a warning that someone is doing something behind your back and that it is possible that could somehow hurt you. Another interpretation could be that someone is accusing you of something you haven’t done and that is ruining your reputation. Do everything you can to defend yourself before your reputation is irreparably damaged.

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Dream about getting hurt in an explosion

Dreaming about getting hurt in an explosion might be interpreted in the way that someone is exploiting you for their own benefit. You are probably very disappointed in someone and you have lost trust in that person, but also in the people around you. A dream in which you see yourself trapped in the flames of an explosion will have similar symbolism.

Dream that you died in an explosion

If by any chance you dreamed that you were killed in the explosion, then that dream might indicate the financial expenses that await you in the near future. It is possible that you will experience great losses and that you will find yourself in a very bad financial situation. It will take you a long time to get out of the difficult situation and get back on your feet.

Dream about explosives

If you happen to dream of explosives, then it is a sign that you are facing big changes that you can expect at work. You will probably make a lot of progress as far as the business is concerned, so this dream should not scare you.

However, this dream can be interpreted in a different way. Namely, the dream of explosives can mean that it is time to slow down a bit because it is possible that you are too exhausted. You probably need relaxation and rest from everything. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to take a vacation with your loved one and just get away from everything that is stressing you. 

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