To dream of women -symbolism and meaning

In the traditional interpretation of dreams, a woman is a projection of you in a dream, reflecting all the unconscious desires that may surface during sleep. The appearance of women in dreams can be associated with love, temptation, family ties, respect and signs of the future. It can affect your sleep positively or negatively, just as people can affect your life in different ways. Dreaming of a woman (as a woman, not as a wife or girlfriend) is interpreted differently. If you dream of a beautiful woman, it may indicate that you will have a good, healthy and happy year with a lot of financial income. If a person dreams of carrying a woman, it means that he or she will be cured of an unknown illness.

A conversation with a wonderful woman in a dream indicates a rich and happy year ahead. A woman who enters your house in a dream is interpreted as a sign of happiness and surprise. The dream of a woman can also symbolize your enemies. There may be people around you who act like friends when you are around but talk behind your back. In order to find out the precise meaning of a dream about a woman, refer to the dream dictionary below.

15 Interpretation of dreams about a woman

To dream of an old woman

If you see an old woman in a dream, it means gossip. It is possible that people who have excess free time will talk about you. Those who know you well will not pay attention to that, while you will have to justify yourself to some and prove that it is a fabrication.

To dream of a young woman

If you see a young woman in a dream, she advises you to beware of nonsense. You will probably fall in love and not think about the consequences of some actions. 

Dreaming of a naked woman

When you see a naked woman in a dream, it tells you that you will be tempted. Someone will probably be obsessed with you and will not want to accept “no” as an answer. They will do everything to get your attention and convince you to start a relationship or reconcile. You will be in an uncomfortable situation and you will have to think carefully about how to position yourself.

To dream of an elegant woman

If you see an elegant woman in a dream, it symbolizes honor. You are a person who is respected by everyone in the environment and who has not had a single bad move in the past. Stick to your beliefs and always try to be dignified, and show your weaknesses in front of those you are sure will not abuse it.

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To dream of many women

When you see many women in a dream, it implies that you will be confused. You will probably ask more people for advice so you will not know whom to listen to. Everyone will speak from their own experience, so you will conclude that you have to make the decision yourself.

To dream of loving a woman

If you love a woman in a dream, it represents gain. You might fall in love with a person who will not feel anything for you. You will be persistent and you will decide not to give up and not to lose hope, which will result in the fulfillment of your wish.

To dream of hitting a woman

When you hit a woman in a dream, it represents jealousy. It is possible that you are insecure and afraid that your loved ones will let you down. You often attack them for no reason which you later regret and promise that it will not happen again. Although you have lost many people you care about because of such behavior, you do not try to change which may hurt you in the end.

To dream that a woman is hitting you

If you dreamed that a woman is hitting you, it symbolizes a lack of confidence. Deep-rooted issues prevent you from using your full potential, knowledge and skills in the right way. Work on it, and your life will become more beautiful and you will be more successful. In addition, stop comparing yourself to other people because you have a chance to achieve much more than them.

To dream of dancing with a woman

Dancing with an unknown woman in a dream indicates loneliness. If you are in a relationship or marriage, you should not feel that way. In that case, the dream is a sign that the time has come for an honest conversation with a loved one.

Dreaming of drinking with a woman

If you have dreamed of drinking with an unknown woman, it implies that in the near future you could renew contact with people you have not seen for a long time, and who were once an important part of your life. Maybe this is about friends from childhood or youth with whom fate will reunite you.

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Arguing with a woman in a dream

Arguing with a woman in a dream indicates that you tend to underestimate problems, enemies or competition. It is good that you have a lot of confidence, however, it will put you in danger at some point. Be careful what you say and what you do, since that’s the only way to avoid problems.

To dream that you have offended a woman

If you dreamed that you insulted a woman, it implies that some of your decisions or moves will not be understood by the people around you. It is possible that they will criticize you so you should consider whether those who suggest you made a mistake are right.

Dreaming of stealing from a woman

Stealing from an unknown woman in a dream is a sign that a reckless decision could get you into big trouble. If you find yourself in a situation that confuses you, think carefully about what you should do. 

To dream that you cheated on a woman

Cheating on a woman in a dream indicates that you are too ambitious. It is good that you want to achieve your goals, however, so far you have destroyed your relationships and the question is with whom you will celebrate success when you achieve it one day if you drive all good people away from you.

To dream that you have killed a woman

Killing a woman in your dream indicates that you are destructive. Lately, you expect your ideas will fail, even before you try to realize them.

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