Dreams about mountains – interpretation and meaning

Dreams about mountains are most often associated with some goals, professional, personal or other. To see a mountain in a dream could mean various things. You should think about what emotions the mountains evoked in your dream. If they made you feel threatened or scared, it symbolizes some difficulties and if you felt good when you saw the mountain, it means that you are ready to do your best to achieve your goals. To discover the precise meaning of your dream about mountains check out the dream dictionary down below. 

14 Interpretations of dreams about mountains.

To dream of a mountain

If you see a mountain in a dream, it means a change in your career. It is possible that you will start to pursue a career and learn the things you need for the job, which will very quickly result in promotion. You will have to neglect other aspects which will not be a problem for you because you do not want anything besides a good business career.

To dream of climbing a mountain

If you climb a mountain in a dream, it implies that you will travel somewhere far. Perhaps you will want to do a favor to a loved one so you will go with him/her on a trip that you are not thrilled about at all. You can’t imagine it being fun but you will have to refrain from negative comments and try to extract something useful from that experience.

To dream of coming down from the mountain

When you come down from the mountain in a dream, it indicates that you will make your life easier. You are a very ambitious person who has achieved almost everything you wanted, but soon you will get tired and start appreciating other things in life. You will realize that new things, unrelated to work, can make you much happier and restore your lost enthusiasm.

To dream of a fog coving a mountain

If you see a fog covering a mountain in a dream, it is a warning that uncertainty awaits you. Probably many things in your life have not fallen into place, which is why you lose hope and become impatient. It is difficult for you to face the consequences of wrong decisions that you have made, and which are yet to come to fruition.

To dream of walking in the mountains

When you walk in the mountains in your dream, it means that you need a rest. You probably overworked yourself in the previous period, which is why you can’t wait to take days off and head in an unknown direction. You just want to sleep and gather strength for new work-related victories.

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To dream of standing at the foot of a mountain

A dream in which you were standing in front of a mountain climb is a sign that you have a big job ahead of you. You will have to invest a lot of time, effort and work to achieve concrete results. If you make a good plan, and if you are persistent and patient you have a great chance to do what you set out to do. However, if you hesitate it is possible that you will give up before you reach the goal.

To dream that you fell from a mountain

If you dreamed that you fell from a mountain before you reached its top, it is a sign that you need to change your approach to solving problems or the way you want to realize your plans. It is possible that you have set unrealistic goals for yourself and that there is little chance that you will achieve them. If you dreamed that you fell from the top of the mountain, it means that you will experience “five minutes of glory”, but that it will not last. You will probably “shine” for a moment and think that from that moment you can only go forward, but it will turn out that it will not be as easy as you imagined.

To dream that someone else fell from the mountain

A dream in which you see someone falling from a mountain indicates that you will witness someone else’s failure. Maybe one of your loved ones will not achieve their goal or will experience some discomfort. It is very important that you show them that they can count on you and that you are ready to help them get out of that crisis.

To dream that someone pushed you off the top of a mountain

This dream, unfortunately, is not a good sign and mostly symbolizes the sabotage you will experience in the waking world. It is possible that someone will envy you for your business success or relationship with a loved one and will try to ruin what you have been building for years. In addition to envy, the reason for such actions may be that that person believes that they can pursue their interests through you.

To dream that you have pushed someone off the top of a mountain

Pushing another person from the top of a mountain in a dream indicates a very bad mood or a desire for revenge. If you have been frustrated and nervous lately and are treating it by taking it out on other people, a dream is a sign to stop doing it as soon as possible so as not to lose the ones you love. Another possibility is that someone has hurt or cheated on you and you want to return the favor.

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To dream that you are trapped on a mountain

When you dream that you have remained trapped on a mountain and that you cannot come down, it symbolizes crises on a business or private level. You have probably found yourself in a situation that requires radical solutions, and at the moment you are not ready to make those kinds of decisions. 

To dream that you are lost in the mountains

If you dreamed got lost in the mountains, it symbolizes too much ambition. You have clearly defined goals and you do everything to achieve them. 

To dream that someone else got lost in the mountains

If you dreamed that one of your loved ones got lost in the mountains, that implies that he/she will not listen to your advice. You are probably worried about some of his/her decisions or moves, because you believe that they can do more harm than good to him/her. However, it is certain that he/she will still learn from his/her own mistakes.

To dream of camping in the mountains

Camping on a mountain in a dream indicates your adventurous spirit. You are a person who loves excitement, and is happy to take on various types of challenges. However, lately, you have fallen into a rut and every day is the same for you. Small changes in your daily routine can bring the desired results so find a hobby that fulfills you and dedicate your free time to it. That will be the first step towards getting out of that vicious circle in which you found yourself.

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