Dreaming about an attic – meaning and interpretation

Dream about an attic

The attic is a part of many houses and other kinds of buildings. It is a room or an area found directly under a roofed area of the house. It may also be used as a sky parlor or garret. It also has many different usages and purposes and it contributes to the comfort of home. Since it is a part of our daily life it can be seen frequently in our dreams as well.

9 interpretation of dreams about an attic

Dreaming of an attic

Different rooms in the house represent different parts of your personality, and attics are always at the top of the house so they symbolize phenomena in your mind. The attic often serves as a repository, and its contents are often a reflection of the plans and projects you have put aside for later.

Most of the time, these are the ideas that you had to abandon because of the circumstances at the time. But now, something has happened in your reality that has brought those plans to consciousness, so you feel the urge to explore them. Attics might also imply that you are on the path of mental development. You might even explore some of your untapped experiences and talents.

Dreaming of an attic and looking for things

A dream like this tells you to become aware of some old thoughts and ideas that come back to you. You may have completely forgotten about them, but something prompted them to come to life. Instead of closing the door on them in hopes of disappearing on their own, try to be open to the possibilities they can bring. It may seem difficult to shape and elaborate thoughts, but the more you research and understand them, the more tangible they will be. This could be a good sign for your future.

If you look back on your thoughts and feelings about the past, it can help you shape your future or it may remind you about important and worthwhile things in your life so you could reorient yourself. It implies that you should be working to achieve the highest goals you can. Maybe you were modest and have limited yourself. Do not forget that hard work will pay off sooner or later.

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Dream of a ghostly or messy attic

Dreaming of a ghostly or messy attic in your dream has an important meaning and significance in your life. You might dream that something unusual is going on in your attic, but you’re not sure what. There is something spooky. You hear the crackling of the floorboards, though you know there should be no one in the attic. You hear a murmur, and sometimes all the things you keep are strangely rearranged. You do not dare to climb so as not to meet a ghost, but you know that for personal peace sooner or later you will have to find out and explore what it is all about.

The condition of the attic directly shows how you feel and reflects your emotions from your life. This signals that you have some work to do in relation to your memories. There’s something you still need to confront. It could also remind you of your memories which still influence the decisions you are making in the present. If you hear boards cracking then you have to take action to bring ideas to life, and the voices you hear are the messages that you would really like to convey to others.

Dreaming of moving things to the attic

This dream shows that you are thinking about different versions of ideas and combining them into new and innovative plans. Tempting the aspirations and ideas of the past can be frightening because it evokes the longing for all that you could have achieved in life. Even though you thought you moved on from these memories: you were saving them in your mind, waiting for the right opportunity to put them into action.

Dreaming about hiding in an attic

Dream of hiding in an attic shows that you are tired and stressed so your subconsciousness offers you a short period to rest from working life and its problems. It can also relate to your personal life and it helps you reveal your hidden thoughts and emotions. The dream draws your attention to your own strength and power as you know you cannot avoid whatever you might be going through. You have to change your mindset in order to avoid the feeling that a bad prophecy awaits you in the future.

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Dreaming about an empty attic

Such dreams might reflect fears or it represents an inability to solve problems ahead of you. Maybe you need to take a break from the situation to replenish your energy and start a new job to prove that you are capable.

Dreaming of being trapped in an attic

Dreaming of being trapped in an attic and unable to leave it may be very confusing and stressful. This is not a bad sign as it indicates that you are now approaching problems from a logical point of view. This can help you with making your dreams a reality but do not forget your feelings in favor of objective reality.

Dreaming about climbing to the attic

This dream is not a positive sign as you will be accompanied by problems at your home and work. In addition, your finances will not be good either, you can expect higher expenses. But if you see someone in the attic, you will be reconciled with your loved one. If the attic in your dream is full of old things, you have a win in front of you. You might want to buy a lottery ticket.

Dreaming about a fire in an attic

Dreaming about a fire starting in an attic might indicate that something in your professional life has completely been destroyed whether it is your sense of security, identity, or your abilities. Something might change your life to the core as fires in dreams are usually related to secrets. Whether these secrets belong to you or not, they will change how you see the people and the world around you.

It might indicate that you have been informed about certain secrets by your friends or family members but you are trying to ignore them and not to think deeper. Once the secret is revealed, it will have an impact on your life and it will expose too many different worries and problems.

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