Dreaming about cigarettes

Dreaming about a cigarette

Dreams about cigarettes are pretty common and they even occur often to non-smokers. Dreaming about cigarettes and smoking them might represent some unhealthy habits you have or any form of addiction besides cigarettes like alcohol, drugs, etc. Such a dream could also represent some unhealthy habits you have or maybe your obsessive behavior. 

10 interpretations of dreams about a cigarette

Dream about a cigarette

Dreaming about cigarettes is usually a bad sign and might just be a sign that you’re enjoying something that’s only giving momentary pleasure but hurting you in the long run. Whatever this thing is that is giving you some temporary pleasure right now, might come back to hurt you in some way in the future. 

Dream about smoking a cigarette

Smoking cigarettes could symbolize you’re thinking about how to change some things you dislike about your waking life. You know the changes you want to make will take a long time and you’re trying to figure out what’s the fastest and safest way to make them happen. However, this dream might be a message from your subconscious that it’s time to actually stop smoking before you endanger your health permanently. 

Dream about someone smoking a cigarette

Seeing someone, in your dream, who’s smoking cigarettes could symbolize some sort of disagreement or rebellion against someone or something.

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Dream about having an unlit cigarette in your mouth

Holding a cigarette in your mouth, regardless of your intention to light them or not, is usually considered a bad sign and a message from your body that you’re having some teeth problems. Maybe you’re having some dental problems and it is time to visit a dentist and take care of your oral hygiene more. 

Dream about being unable to light a cigarette

A dream where you’re unable to light a cigarette might be a reflection of your character in regards to other aspects of your personality; such as problems with expressing your emotions and having trouble finding romantic partners. This dream could also represent your indecisiveness or inability to make a decision when presented with multiple choices. 

Dream about a lighted cigarette

Dreams about a lighted cigarette could mean that your first impression about someone was completely wrong and they are not who they seem. It could be interpreted both ways, maybe someone who you thought is a good person isn’t, and the other way around. 

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Dream about burning yourself with a cigarette

Burning yourself, in your dream, is usually a bad sign and could foretell some upcoming troublesome periods in your upcoming future, possibly even betrayal by a loved one. Someone very close to you is talking rumors behind your back and is endangering the reputation you built over the years. It would be wise to think hard about who could it be and prevent them before they do any serious damage. 

Dream about a broken cigarette

Seeing or trying to lighten a broken cigarette might indicate that there is a period of great stress ahead. It’s possible a person whom you dislike will reappear in your life and start making trouble. 

Dream about buying a cigarette

If you were buying cigarettes in your dream then this could mean that someone is about to take advantage of you. Maybe it’s a colleague who will take credit for your effort or maybe one of your distant relatives will try to cheat you out of a part of your inheritance. 

Dream about putting out a cigarette

This dream could be a bad sign concerning your love life. You’re about to get some bad news about your partner that will disappoint you greatly. However, another interpretation could be that you’re finally ready to let go of your past and start a new chapter in your life. By putting out the cigarette you were extinguishing a part of your life and embarking on a new adventure. 

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