Dream about lipstick – meaning and symbolism

Lipsticks in a dream suggest that you are not completely honest about something. You want to voice out your thoughts in a certain way. You want to leave a good impression on others about your appearance, speech and sexuality. Think about how lipstick is used and what was its color to get a better interpretation of dreams.

To dream of putting on lipstick can mean that if you are single, you will get married. If you are married, you will receive news about your cousin’s marriage. Red lipstick can mean that marriage or a new relationship will happen quickly. Pink lipstick means that it will take some time to start a relationship. Dreaming that lipstick crosses the outline of your lips indicates that you have a relationship for which others will envy you. If you put on lipstick without any problems, you need new excitement in a marriage or relationship. If you see lipstick on your face, you will hear news about an unexpected couple.

7 Interpretation of dreams about lipstick

To dream that someone else is wearing lipstick

To dream that another person is wearing lipstick symbolizes your envy of that person’s relationship and you might lie to ruin that relationship.

Dreaming of giving lipstick to someone

To dream of giving lipstick to someone in a dream means that your wish will come true. If you do not give them the lipstick you will want the help of another person to fulfill your goal.

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Purchasing a lipstick in a dream

Seeing the purchase of lipstick in a dream can mean that the person from your environment will fall in love with you. If you buy lipstick from your friend, it represents a meeting for which this friend will be a mediator. According to the dream dictionary, lipstick is quite a diverse symbol. It is the personification of passion, solemn mood, proof of lies and hypocrisy. If you bought lipstick, you should take more care of your partner because constant conflicts destroy your relationship. If a young man bought lipstick, it is a sign that he needs to pay more attention to his loved one, because otherwise she will leave him.

According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, lipstick is a symbol of false, insincere feelings. Seeing your acquaintances with lipstick means that the words and actions of these people should not be taken seriously. An unknown woman wearing lipstick is a sign that someone wants to distract you from important issues. If a married man dreamed of an unknown woman wearing lipstick, it means that he will have a romantic date with an interesting young woman.

To dream of wearing lipstick

If you put lipstick on your lips in front of a mirror, such a dream hints at a romantic date with a married man. Smearing your lips with lipstick is also a warning that you can harm yourself due to your own insincerity. If the enemy’s lips are painted red in your dream, it means that this person is deceiving you and pursuing their own personal interests. If a woman has applied very bright lipstick on her lips, she either wants others to pay more attention to her or she is not sure of her attractiveness and she wants to copy someone else. 

Dream of wearing lipstick if you are a man

Wearing a lipstick as a man means that you are afraid that you will be ridiculed in public. If you compete for love of a girl with another person and the girl uses lipstick in your dream, it means that you will be the winner in that competition. 

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Girls putting on lipstick in a dream

Dreaming of girls putting lipstick on in public is a sign that you may have difficulties in life. To dream of an older woman wearing lipstick means that you will live an easy life. Keep in mind that in dreams, the people we meet are often represented in different physical forms, so be aware of every detail so that you know exactly when the dream refers. Dreaming of a young girl with lipstick represents the hostile mood that your partner resents. The very strong color of lipstick suggests that you want to stand out, but the path you have chosen bothers others. 

To dream of lipstick that doesn’t look good on you

Dreaming that the lipstick doesn’t look good on you means bad reputation, gossip or rumors. It could also mean that you don’t leave a very good impression on others, and you can’t avoid a negative image of yourself.

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