Dreaming about your boss – symbolism and meaning

Dreaming about your boss often happens to everyone and such dreams are the result of various everyday work-related situations. Research shows that for those under stress due to work one in three dreams will be work-related. Dream experts point out that a person usually dreams of a job, a colleague or a boss in situations when he or she is under a lot of stress. Stress has a big impact on our lives, especially at work. The dream of a boss can have two symbolic meanings. First, ask yourself if there is a problem you need to solve with your boss. If there is no problem, this dream will symbolize your ability to make decisions and take responsibility. Maybe you need to be more authoritative at home or in a relationship. In our dream dictionary below, we explain exactly what the dreams associated with your boss mean.

16 interpretations of dreams about your boss

To dream that you saw your boss

If you saw your boss in a dream it could announce a career change. It is possible that your effort, work and commitment will finally be recognized and your superiors will offer you a better position in the company in which you are currently employed. It is possible that your colleagues will be somewhat jealous but don’t let that ruin your happiness.

To dream that you are the boss

If you dreamed that you were the boss it implies that you are finally ready to put some of your ideas or projects into action. You’ve been stuck for too long because uncertainty and risk scared you. However, you will finally have the determination and courage to turn your dreams into reality. Fortunately, you will have the unlimited support of friends and family so everything will be much easier than you expected.

To dream that your boss fired you

We most often dream such dreams when we are aware that the company we are working in is in a crisis so that is transferred from reality to a dream. However, if that is not the case, and you dreamed that you were fired, it implies that you made a mistake and that you are trying to correct it yourself. It will take some time but you will successfully complete your mission.

To dream of talking to the boss

Talking to your boss in a dream can be a sign that someone will offer you business cooperation. Someone will recognize your potential and suggest that you work together on a project. Now is not the time to hesitate but to seize the opportunity that you were presented with.

To dream that you are arguing with your boss

Arguing with your boss in a dream indicates an improvement of the financial situation. You have probably recently gone through a very challenging period and better days are finally ahead of you. You will be able to think much more clearly about the future and also to afford something you have been dreaming about for a long time.

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To dream that you have offended your boss

Insulting the boss in a dream symbolizes the fear of revenge. Perhaps you hurt or harmed someone in the past and are now afraid that they will try to return the favor. There is no point in burying yourself and waiting for your sad future. Ask for forgiveness and if this person refuses to forgive you, make sure that his or her revenge does not do you much harm.

To dream that you are lying to your boss

Lying to your boss in a dream can mean that you have chosen the wrong approach to a problem. Seek the advice of someone you trust before taking big steps. You should talk to a family member, a friend or a colleague in order to gain insight. Their view of things could help you find the best possible solution.

To dream that you hit your boss

Hitting your boss in a dream symbolizes repressed anger. Probably someone or something hurt you, but you decided to keep quiet about it or not react. It would be best if you talked about it with someone you trust.

To dream that your boss hit you

When you dream that your boss hit you it implies that you believe that you are in a hopeless situation. Something is stressing you out and making you unhappy but you believe that this is your destiny and that you have to come to terms with it. That is simply not true so you need to start changing what you can and leave what is out of your control.

To dream of fighting with your boss

Fighting with your boss in a dream indicates that some of your ideas will not be understood by a society that does not think outside of the box. You may suggest to colleagues or superiors how to solve a problem or how to increase productivity but they will not be willing to accept innovative ideas. If you believe in the success of that idea, it might not be a bad idea to offer it to someone outside the company you work for and you might even get paid for the idea.

To dream of drinking with your boss

Drinking with your boss in a dream indicates that you should watch your behavior in the company of people on whose decisions and moves your destiny depends. 

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To dream of singing with your boss

Singing with your boss in a dream means that someone will envy your success. You will probably advance in your career or your employer might decide to increase your salary. Some colleagues might find this annoying as they feel they deserve those benefits more than you do.

To dream of flirting with your boss

Flirting with your boss in a dream indicates that you have decided to succeed with as little effort as possible. You will use various shortcuts and reliefs so that you do not waste precious time and energy. You will achieve your goal, but not as fast as you think.

To dream of kissing your boss

Such dreams do not necessarily mean that you are attracted to your boss sexually. It is possible that you just liked some of his or her business moves, so you transferred that impression from reality to a dream. If you are not on good terms with your boss, the dream is a sign that this could change in the future.

To dream of making love to your boss

If you dreamed of making love to your boss, it symbolizes loneliness. People who have been without a romantic partner for a long time know this feeling very well. However, if you are in a relationship or marriage, you should not feel that way. This dream is a sign that it is time for an honest conversation with a loved one.

To dream that you killed your boss

Killing your boss in your dream indicates that you should think about the problem that is bothering you and change your approach accordingly. You are currently in a vicious circle because you do not see the bigger picture.

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