Dreaming a fire – dream meaning an interpretation

Dreaming of fire

What does it mean to dream of fire?

Dreams of fire are as common as the ones about water. Statistic research tells us that people are dreaming about a fire at least once a month, which can be due to a fact that we have lived with it for several millennia. The fire can represent various things hidden emotions, wealth loss as well as sorrow.

13 interpretations of dreams about a fire

Seeing a fire

Seeing a fire in the dream represents some romantic feelings you are not ready to accept. You may realize that you like someone that you haven´t thought about in a romantic way before. You´ll try to convince yourself that you´re imagining it and that those feelings don´t really exist the more you do that, the harder it will be for you to get interested in someone else.

To dream about building a fire

Building a fire is a good omen. It means your energy is high. It is very likely you will meet new people and among those people, there is that special one that will steal your heart. There will be a lot of new developments so you´ll have no time to summarize all the impressions you´ll be under.

Dreaming about extinguishing a fire

Extinguishing a fire is a sign for you not to go through with your business plans. You probably planned it all thoroughly, invested a lot of time and money, but it will be better for you to give up and save yourself a lot of additional expenses. You will come to understand that success does not come overnight and that if you are patient enough, your time will come.

To dream about the fire heat

Feeling a heat of a fire and the warmth of it is soothing and comforting is a good omen. The good times are ahead of you, especially when it comes to your health. But if the heat is excessive it could be a premonition of catching a cold or a flue in the days ahead.

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Dreaming of a big fire

A big fire is a premonition of great sorrow. You might catch yourself thinking of a person that is no longer around and that you miss a lot. You will have a strong desire to retreat to solitude and think about all of those nice moments you´ve spent together.

To dream about a small fire or a flame of a candle

Seeing a small fire, a candle or a match flame is a premonition of anger. Your loved ones might annoy you and later act as if nothing had happened. You will have a lot of things to say to them regarding their behavior but you will not be able to find the right moment to do so.

To dream about live coal

Live coal signifies joy. You will find yourself in the company of the people you love, working in a field you are educated and experienced in. You´ll have everything you need to be happy and you will do your best to stay on the right track.

Dreaming a big flame

Seeing a fire with a big flame in your dream is a premonition of all of your plans being achieved. You will work hard on a goal you are trying to achieve. Not a lot of people will believe that you will achieve the goals you set for yourself, but you will not give up.

To dream about sparks emerging from a fire

Sparks emerging from a fire are a premonition of financial gain. You could win a lottery. You will buy lottery tickets on the regular basis in spite of people telling you that you’re wasting your time and your money.

To dream about trying to make a fire burn

Trying to make a fire burn symbolizes disagreements. It is very likely that you will provoke a person with whom you´re not in good relations. You´ll keep bringing up the things from the past but you will feel remorseful for it in the end.

To dream about roasting something over the flame

This dream signifies a financial gain in real life, but that won´t last for long, you will spend it all in a short period of time.

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Dreaming of putting out the fire

Putting out the fire with a liquid of some sort means that you are a stable person that never let the situation get out of control. For that personal trait, you are well respected amongst other people, and that trait is always mentioned when people are talking about you.

To dream about preparing firewood

In the time that lies ahead, you should be planning a few steps ahead. A well-planned scenario for any unfortunate situation you might find yourself in will help you a lot once you actually find yourself in one of those situations.

The meaning of this dream could be simple, if you have recently seen, built, or put out a fire it may have left an impression on you.

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