Dreams about the Ladder – interpretation and meaning

Dreams about a ladder symbolize the climb to the top and these dreams often have a positive meaning. If you see a ladder in a dream, it implies that you will overcome difficulties. It is possible that you will fall into a crisis that will interfere with your daily activities and make you take a break that is related to the realization of your private and business plans. You will think well and you will find the strength in yourself to fight with everyone and everyone who stands in your way to success.

16 Interpretations of dreams about the ladder

To dream of going down the ladder

To dream of descending a ladder indicates that you will experience a great change. You are aware that there is a new beginning at the end of each end and you do not lose hope that new and better opportunities will appear for you.

Dream of climbing a ladder

When you climb a ladder in your dream, it means that you will progress. You will probably be successful in relationships with close people as well, because you will behave differently and dedicate more time to them. You will be aware of how important they are in your life and you will not allow unimportant events from the past to affect your current relationship with people close to you.

Dreaming of someone else coming down the ladder

If you dreamed that someone was coming down the ladder, it implies that you will convince a close person not to give up on the idea they have been thinking about for a long time. They will admit that they do not believe in the success of their project, but you will do your best to give them the confidence they need to see it to an end and get the desired result.

To dream of others climbing ladders

A dream in which you see someone climbing a ladder means that you will envy a colleague who is progressing faster than you. They may not be a better worker, but they know how to use their advantages and gain the affection of their superiors. You think that their methods are wrong, but you often have the opportunity to see that they are effective.

To dream that you have fallen off a ladder

If you dreamed that you fell from the ladder, it implies that you must beware of the conspiracy that your enemy is preparing against you. It is possible that this person wants to endanger your business in some way, and they may be trying to damage your reputation. If you realize in time what it is about, you may prevent them from his/her intentions.

To dream that someone else has fallen off a ladder

When you see someone falling off a ladder in a dream, it means that you will be worried about a close person. Happiness will not be in their favor, so they will be followed by failure after failure. What will affect you the most is that such a situation has a negative effect on his or her psyche. You will do everything in your power to help him/her.

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To dream that a ladder fell on you

If you dreamed that the ladder fell on you, it is possible that you will miss a good opportunity in life. You will think that you are not up to it, but in time you will regret such an attitude. You will learn from this and never underestimate yourself again so you will accept every chance that comes your way.

To dream that you have passed under a ladder

If you dreamed of passing under a ladder, it implies that you will achieve your goal by defying others. Many will not believe that you are capable of something, but in time you will prove them wrong. Resentment may not be the healthiest drive force in life, but it brings you good results.

To dream that someone else has passed under the ladder

Seeing someone walk under a ladder indicates that you will be surprised by someone’s progress or success. You have always considered that person special, but not too capable of some great things. However, you will soon find out that they have achieved something great and you will be happy for him or her.

To dream of carrying a ladder

Carrying a ladder in your sleep is a sign that you are not afraid of hard work. You are a very hardworking person, but so far you have not managed to show it to others. However, you believe in yourself and hope that your qualities will soon be recognized by someone. If you make the right moves, you have a great chance to achieve what you dream of.

To dream of others carrying ladders

If you dreamed that someone was carrying a ladder, it implies that help will arrive soon. You are probably facing a bigger problem and you can’t find a way to solve it. However, in the near future, someone will help you and you will be able to overcome that obstacle.

To dream of buying a ladder

Buying a ladder in your dreams usually means that you will invest money to progress in the business. This is especially true for people who run a private business. Maybe you will invest money in some lucrative project.

To dream of selling a ladder

Selling ladders in your dream indicates that you will be able to work much less in the future and still earn as much as you need. It is possible that you will take a managerial position in a company or you will move to another job that requires less work, but also carries more responsibilities with it.

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To dream that you stole a ladder

Stealing a ladder in a dream usually means that in the future you will be guided by the motto “the end justifies the means”. You will realize that your ambitions go beyond conventional ways of doing business, so you will make much riskier moves.

To dream that someone stole your ladder

When you dream that someone stole your ladder, it symbolizes a small loss of money. Your car or household appliance may break down, so you will have to pay more for repairs or replacements. Damage can also apply to unprofitable purchases. It is possible that you will give money for something that will not meet your expectations.

To dream of a broken ladder

Broken ladder in dreams usually indicates that you will be surrounded by people you do not like. You don’t have much reason not to trust them, but somehow you feel that their intentions are not good. However, do not accuse anyone of something unless you have evidence of it.

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