To dream about a ghost – meaning and interpretation

Dream of a ghost

If you saw a ghost in a dream, such a dream can mean something that is no longer available to you. You may feel separated from your surroundings and life in general. You should conclude what the dream of the spirit was about. Maybe the message of the dream is to get rid of some outdated models of thinking that no longer serve you.

Ghosts are often associated with fear. Most often, a dream refers to the fear of some part of one’s personality. You may have some painfully repressed memories from childhood. If the spirit from the dream was familiar to you, then it can give additional clarification of the dream, but not always. If you knew a person who was a ghost, you need to ask yourself why he appeared in your dream as a ghost. If it’s a deceased friend or relative, the dream may reflect your guilt over something you did to them, which you may still have towards that person.

15 Interpretation of dreams about ghosts

Dream about a white ghost

If you saw a white ghost in a dream, the dream could be an indication of some happy events and circumstances that will make you very happy. If you had some ideas for a new project we advise you to take them on because they have a very high chance of success.

Dream about a black ghost

If you saw a black ghost in a dream, the dream is probably a foretelling of bad events. It may herald a period of bad luck, loss, illness, or some inevitable difficulty. Maybe you should consider the dream as a warning and try to prepare for what is coming soon.

Dream that you have seen a ghost

If you have been dreaming about a ghost, the dream may signify the emotional troubles you are going through. The troubles you are having are not dangerous or life-threatening but they bother you nevertheless.

Dream about being scared of a ghost

If a ghost frightens you in a dream, suddenly appearing, such a dream can be an announcement of bad news. You may get the news that someone has passed away and go to his funeral. In any case, this dream is a foretelling of some unexpected bad news coming your way.

Dream about not being afraid of a ghost

If you were not afraid of the ghost in the dream, that dream probably indicates that you will soon receive some good news that will be a pleasant surprise and make you happy. The news will be sudden and unexpected, but pleasant nevertheless.

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Dream about a ghost following you

If a ghost has accompanied you in a dream, such a dream may reflect the sadness you will feel while talking about a person who has passed away. It is possible someone you deeply cared about had passed away recently, and you miss him every day. Another interpretation could be that you feel nostalgic for times that had passed a long time ago.

Dream about running away from a ghost

If you tried to escape from the ghost in a dream, then that dream probably indicates some problems that you cannot solve, and which keep coming back. If you are having such problems in your waking life maybe it’s better to face them, because running from them will not solve anything.

Dream about someone alive being a ghost

If you have dreamed a dream like this, it can be a dangerous sign. Maybe the dream is telling you that that person is working behind your back. Maybe you should avoid them for a while. In any case, this dream should be regarded as a warning to you to watch your back.

Dream about a ghost of someone you know

Dreaming about the ghost of someone close to you and someone you love, for example, a friend or relative, then that dream could represent some unresolved situations among you, which bother you and you want to solve them, to continue with your life. It would be wise to have an honest conversation with the person in question, and simply move on.

Dream about an angry ghost

This dream can be a symbol of the upcoming changes in your life. Changes can apply to either your home or your business. These will probably be things that are inevitable.

Dream about yourself being a ghost

If you dreamed that you were a ghost, that dream may represent some parts of your personality that you are afraid of. Maybe it’s some painful memory, guilt, or repressed thoughts. A dream can also reflect your fear of death. Another interpretation could be that you see yourself as a shell of your past persona. If you dreamed of turning into a ghost, such a dream can also signify your desperate desire to escape from a situation that’s making you uncomfortable.

Dream about trying to talk to a ghost

If you have been trying to get in touch with a ghost in a dream, that dream may mean that you are slowly beginning to accept some of your repressed thoughts, even though you may not be ready to face them and resolve them. The fact that you are trying to work out your issues is commending itself.

If in a dream you tried to communicate with a ghost that immediately disappeared, such a dream may indicate that you are trying to deal with some painful memory, and are failing to accept. The dream certainly indicates that you are on the right path to overcome it.

Dream about ghosts trying to kill you

If you dreamed that ghosts were trying to kill you, that dream probably indicates that you are ready to face your past and repressed emotions, regardless of the pain it causes you. The dream probably indicates that you are ready to move forward and leave your past behind.

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Dream that a ghost is choking you

If a ghost has strangled you in a dream, such a dream could mean that a situation from the past is preventing you from fully expressing yourself. Something is holding you back.

Dream about being haunted by ghosts

If you are haunted by ghosts in your dreams, then such a dream might indicate that you probably refuse to face some situations from the past, regardless of the fact that it affects your life a lot.

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