Dreams about a photograph – interpretation and meaning

A photograph is a symbol of a long life. The longer you look at your photo in a dream, the longer you will live. If you see your own image in a dream, it is a sign of sudden change, your life can change unexpectedly in an instant.

If you see photos of your enemies or ex-friends, this dream symbolizes a kind of victory over your enemies. You may achieve enormous success at work, which will give you the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.  Also, a dream about a photo can predict the end of a long-standing quarrel, so it is safe to say that the conflict between the rivals will be resolved. If you see a torn photo in a dream, it is a bad sign. This dream foretells the dreamer will suffer loss or even pain. If you want to know the detailed meaning of your dream about a photograph, then refer to the dream dictionary below. 

5 Interpretations of dreams about a photograph

To dream of looking at someone’s photo

If you look at someone’s photo in a dream, it indicates that the person in question is happy. It is possible that this is a former love with whom you decided to end the relationship because you knew that you could not give him or her what he/she wants and deserves. Even though you are still thinking about this person, it is good to know that at least one of you will make the dreams you dreamed of come true. 

Tearing up a photograph in your dreams

Tearing up a photo in a dream, implies disappointment. Probably some of the people you considered friends will show their true face which will disappoint you. At first, you will wonder if you caused such behavior but soon you will realize that it is better to accept the truth as soon as possible than to be deceived.

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To dream of hiding someone’s photo 

Dreams of hiding someone’s photograph symbolizes secret love. Your partner does not want to make this relationship public for some reason.It will be interesting for you but at the same time also hard for you to hide the person you love and care about. People around you will notice that something strange is happening and will want to know what it is about.

To dream that you found a photo

If you dreamed that you found someone’s photo, it means that you will meet a person who will change your outlook on life. It will help you understand what you missed because of the fear of change and will influence you to get out of your comfort zone. This will be a real refreshment in your life because you will start to use more of your potential and the opportunities that are presented to you.

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To dream that you have lost a photograph

A dream in which you lose a photo is a message to dedicate more time to friends and family members. Because of college or work, your priorities have changed significantly. This is why you have less and less time to socialize with those you love. Organization is the key to success. Learn to plan the time you have available so you can spend more time enjoying the company of your loved ones.

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