Dreaming about feces (poop) – interpretation and meaning

Feces are a very common dream. Dreams about feces are usually of financial nature. There can be positive dreams where they mean financial gain, and there can be negative dreams where they mean financial loss. Dreams about poop are very common and very often they are caused by the very desire to go to the toilet and the need to relieve ourselves. If a dream with feces is caused by such a need, then it should not be interpreted because it has no meaning, but it is simply caused by an external need. However, if you dreamed of feces, and you didn’t need to use a restroom, then you can find the meaning in our dream dictionary below.

17 Interpretation of dreams about feces

To dream of seeing feces

What follows is a clear financial gain in relation to the work you do. It usually means a simple salary or a financial reward for a job well done.

To dream that you have fallen into feces

When you dream that you have fallen into the feces, it symbolizes prosperity. You will probably start a business from which you did not have any expectations and, at first, it seemed like a complete failure. However, you will realize that the first impression can be misleading and that with effort and strong will, progress is possible anywhere.

To dream of seeing a child or baby pooping

If you dream that a small child or baby is pooping, it means there will be a small financial gain in the family, possibly through games of chance. If you have a child in your hands and it pooped, it means greater financial gain.

To dream of pooping in the toilet

A dream in which you defecate in the toilet means that you are an honest person and that people appreciate you for it. The fuller the toilet, the greater your honesty and morale.

To dream about the smell of feces

If you dreamed of the smell of feces, that dream signifies some business opportunity that you do not see yet but that will appear. If you manage to get a job, you will experience a financial gain.

To dream of being pooped on

Unlike other fecal dreams, this dream has a negative connotation and means that you have an enemy at work or someone who is jealous of your business success. That person will try to harm you and will most likely succeed to some extent.

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To dream of eating feces

If you eat human feces in a dream, it is a warning that bad people are expecting your downfall. In the coming period, you will be in the company of those who envy you and who will do everything to see you at the bottom. You will need a lot of strength to stay mentally strong and not allow such treatment to sway you and make you give up on the path you have chosen.

To dream that someone else has fallen into human excrement

To dream that someone else has fallen into excrement is a good sign. If you are unsure whether to do something you have been dreaming about for a long time, it would be best not to waste time but to get to work. Indecision and fear can only prevent you from taking matters into your own hands and living the way you would like to live.

To dream that you are pooping in nature

If you dream of pooping in nature, it means that you will soon get rid of some financial burden that has significantly affected your budget so far.

To dream of rolling in feces

This dream means celebrating an event with your relatives or friends.

To dream of diarrhea

If you dreamed of diarrhea, it symbolizes that your hard work and effort are not appreciated by someone close to you. Nobody notices what you are doing but don’t despair, just focus on personal success.

To dream of constipation

This dream means that you do not see or notice a business opportunity that can bring you financial gain. 

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To dream of animal feces

If you dream of animal excrement, that dream means that you have some wealth ahead of you, possibly an inheritance. If you see the feces of a domestic animal in your dream, and it is not a herbivore but a dog, cat, pig, etc., that dream means if you have an item and you plan to sell it, it is actually a good decision because it will soon lose a lot of value.

To dream that someone is throwing feces at you

If someone throws feces at you in a dream, it means that you should change your attitude towards people. Your arrogance is so obvious that every day you have fewer and fewer friends. Even family members are no longer willing to tolerate your behavior. If you don’t change something soon, you will be completely alone.

To dream that you are throwing feces at someone

When you dream of throwing feces at someone, it implies that you do not know how to control negative feelings. You are very sensitive to rudeness and injustice, and you can react very violently when confronted with these human traits. It’s time to dump the people you can’t tolerate and move on. If you can’t tolerate someone’s behavior, avoid it, and don’t resolve disputes by arguing.

To dream of smearing yourself with feces

A dream in which you smear yourself with feces means that you are your own worst enemy. Lack of self-confidence, laziness and lack of motivation prevents you from achieving what you want. It is easier for you to blame everyone else for your own failures, instead of finally doing something good for yourself.

To dream of smearing someone with feces

This dream symbolizes the fact that you are ready to do everything to keep your loved one by your side. Regardless of the fact that he or she often humiliates and belittles you and thus insults your feelings and intelligence, you are ready to endure just to stay with him or her.

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