Dreaming about Animals – meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about animals is not unusual and it symbolize different aspects of your persona. The dreams of animals give insight into your emotions and help you understand your basic instincts. When interpreting a dream about animals, you must consider all aspects of the dream to get the correct meaning.  Dreaming of wild animals can bring a warning about hard times which may happen in your life in the near future. Dreaming of pets brings peace and harmony, love and affection, as well as loyalty into your life.

Animals in dreams can bring clarity and help you look deeper inside to reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition. Dreams of animals bring guidance in times of confusion and trouble. Each animal you see in a dream represents the specific answers you need.  Most animals have traits and characteristics that people give them. For that reason, animals can represent the feelings we have towards other people in our lives. In order to find out the precise interpretation of your dream, consult our dream dictionary below.

14 Interpretations of dreams about animals

To dream that an animal is attacking you

If an animal attacks you or someone you know, be careful. There is someone around you determined to destroy you. This dream can also mean that there is a lot of negative energy around you. This is something you need to clear up to get through the challenges more easily. If the animal escapes after the attack, it means that you will successfully defend yourself from someone or something. Fear of animals can relate to everyday problems in a relationship.

To dream of hitting an animal

To dream of hitting an animal means to take out your bottled-up aggression on a close relative. Uncertainty regarding an animal’s temper is a sign of anger. Maybe there are people who are angry at you for what you did in the past. You may not know who these people are so you are weary of your surroundings.

To dream of an aggressive animal

Aggressive animals can mean that others unjustly attack you even though they have no right to judge. Seeing an aggressive hyena in a dream could represent the people in your life who are mean and try to hurt you when you least expect it.

To dream of an animal offspring

Seeing baby animals in a dream refers to your inner child. This is a sign that you need to listen to that inner child in order to have more joy and happiness. It can also mean that you may be childish in some ways. You may need to show maturity to solve the problem. An injured cub in a dream represents every struggle you go through.

To dream of reptiles

To dream of a reptile signifies your own heartless actions. Maybe it’s time to think about your behavior when you are around other people.

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To dream that an animal helps you

An animal that helps you in your dream may represent the fact that you need help in real life. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand when life becomes stressful.

To dream of strange animals

Animals that seem strange or scare you can visit you in your dream when times are tough. It is a message that reminds you of your worries and the fact that worrying about something will not help solve it.

Dreaming of animals from a fairy tale

Fairytale animals represent your inner wisdom and the amount of knowledge you possess about yourself. If in doubt, take the time to explore your intuition about a particular issue. Fairytale animals are a positive sign that visits help you grow.

Dreaming of an animal in pain

If you help an animal that is in pain, certain characteristics of the animal may be a reflection of your inner self. If you see a wounded animal that you own or know, it can represent a real-life tragedy that could happen to you and that is hard to accept. Maybe you have a family member who is currently in hospital or you have a friend in need. Helping sick animals is a sign that you are a compassionate and caring person.

Dreaming of an animal with a cub

If you see an animal that protects a cub, it can represent the basic instincts from childhood, like wanting someone to take care of you, love and protect you. Sometimes a baby animal can represent a time in your life when you were under the protection of a parent or older brother or sister, so you may have lost that sense of protection.

Dreaming of an animal in a cage

Seeing a wild animal in a cage means controlling some aspect of yourself that wants to be free. If the animal is released from the cage, it may mean that you want to be released. If you find that an animal has been trapped and caught in something, it may mean that you are stuck in a situation from which you are unable to get out. Maybe you are stuck in a job or an unhappy relationship that you are looking to get rid of.

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To dream of turning into an animal

Turning into an animal means freeing yourself from all your conscious barriers and letting your instincts break free. Since animals are not limited by the same values ​​and limitations in society, they can get away with certain behaviors that would be considered unacceptable for humans. You may be subconsciously expressing a new freedom from breaking up or leaving work. The end of your dream about animals can determine whether you will solve a certain problem or you will get stuck in the same situation.

Dreaming of domestic animals

The domesticated animals we see in dreams can represent certain wild traits and characteristics that we have managed to make the most of. Domestic animals can move freely within the set limits, unlike caged animals or bred animals. This symbolizes that you can still express some form of your instincts.

To dream of eating an animal

If you dream of eating an animal, it may indicate your desire for sexual expression and freedom. 

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