Dreaming about your colleague – symbolism and meaning

Dreaming about your colleague from work is very common and there are many versions of this dream.  Such dreams, as expected, are mostly a reflection of stress and tension from work, and sometimes they have a deeper meaning. In a general, this dream points to the difficulties at work that need to be solved, and there are aspects that you have neglected for a long time, and now is the time to solve them. It could be your relationship with your boss, a specific project you’ve been working on for a long time, or it could be related to an idea or business goal you’re trying to achieve.

Your dream is reflecting the tension that you feel right now. Sometimes the mind cannot understand and solve problems in its daily life so those emotions must find a way out, and that way is often through dreams. In our dream dictionary, we explain the various versions of dreams about your colleague.

11 Interpretations of dreams about your colleague.

To dream of arguing with a colleague

To dream of a conflict or quarrel with a colleague is a sign that you will get new responsibilities at work soon. That could certainly be a cause for panic but keep in mind that panicking won’t help. You are a very capable person and you are looking for the skills needed to do the job successfully which is why you will work hard to be fit for the job. Another good thing is that this project will be very profitable for you so you can expect better income in the future.

Dreaming of dissatisfaction with a colleague

If you dreamed that you were dissatisfied with your colleague or you had some other negative feelings towards him or her in the dream, that is a reflection of the feelings you have towards that person in real life. Pay attention to the behavior of a colleague in a dream because it can be helpful when deciding how to deal with the whole situation without disrupting a good work environment.

To dream that a colleague is yelling at you

Dreaming that a business colleague is yelling at you symbolizes the stress you are experiencing at work. You are burdened with some problems at work and you want to get away from them or get rid of them in some way but you are not sure how. As for the problem, it is possible that you had conflicts with someone at work or the projects you have worked on did not provide satisfactory results. You may also need to negotiate with your supervisor regarding your working hours since you work too much and exert yourself beyond your limits.

To dream of talking to a colleague

If you dreamed of having an informal conversation with a colleague it is a good sign. Your colleagues appreciate and respect you. They admire your work and respect your opinion because you have worked hard to earn the respect you receive. This dream is a sign that you will soon be able to develop a very good relationship with someone who means a lot to you. It doesn’t have to be a colleague from your current job. The person you will meet will give you a sense of security, especially in the business you do and be there for you even if you are going through a rough period.

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To dream of cheating on a partner with a colleague

Dreaming that you cheated on your current partner with a colleague can reveal the romantic feelings you have for this colleague. Also, you may have dreams like this because of the feeling of remorse you often feel for comparing your partner with your colleague. You would like your partner to have some of the qualities they possess.

To dream of flirting with a colleague

Dreaming of flirting with colleagues is a sign that you should be more open and honest. If you maintain the attitude and behavior you have, it can lead to people considering you arrogant and overbearing.

To dream of a colleague you don’t like

If you’ve been dreaming of a colleague you don’t like, that is a very good sign. This dream announces that your boss or manager will soon offer you a new job or project. While this may be a cause for concern and panic, as you will now have a great responsibility, you will certainly do well. You will find the best way to do the job, which will turn out to be very profitable. You will greatly improve your financial situation thanks to this.

To dream of making love to a colleague

Dreaming of having a sexual relationship with a colleague is not such a rare thing. This type of dream should not bother you, because it does not necessarily mean that you feel attracted to the person you saw in the dream. One of the things this dream can indicate is that you have a desire to establish better communication with that person. For some reason, you feel insecure, scared or anxious in the presence of that person, or when interacting with him.

If you have dreamed of having a relationship with your boss or one of your colleagues from work, it is just a reflection of your admiration for them, in a professional sense. You find that they possess valuable skills and characteristics that would be useful in your career and that you would like to acquire. If these dreams have upset you, then they can have a different meaning, often negative. Dreaming of a colleague in this context means that you will soon be faced with some problems, although they may not be related to your workplace. In general, these problems relate to your profession and career.

To conclude, when it comes to dreams that involve your colleagues in a sexual context, know that they do not have to have to be related to sexual tension in waking life. Mostly these dreams symbolize admiration for some of the people you work with, or they can be a symbol of stress or other fears you have about co-workers or work. Therefore, take these dreams as a sign that you should work on yourself. You could also try to create a better work atmosphere by working on better communication with certain colleagues.

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To dream of working with people who are not your colleagues

If you have dreamed of working with people who are not your colleagues in reality, such a dream could point you to some problems with these people in real life, if you know them. If you do not know those people who appeared in your dream, then this dream could be a sign of your desire to change jobs or to make some changes in your work environment. You are tired and bored with your current job. 

To dream of hugging a colleague

If you dreamed of hugging a colleague, that is a good sign. It means that you have managed to achieve a good relationship and good cooperation with your colleagues that will last for years.

To dream of training new colleagues

If you dreamed of training a new colleague on how to do the job, that dream is often a sign that you are putting a lot of effort into overcoming some of the problems and obstacles you are currently facing.

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