To dream about a roof

To dream of a roof

What does it mean to dream about a roof?

A roof is a symbol of protection, shelter, or a barrier between our consciousness and everything that surrounds us. Maybe you’re trying to hold onto and protect some values no matter what the outside world thinks of them. Interpretation of the dream could differ depending on the condition of the roof

19 interpretations of dreams about a roof

To dream about cleaning a roof

A dream like this could be a sign that you’re going through a period where you’re thinking a lot about yourself. You’re probably trying to reorganize your life after living through some trauma, and you want to continue with your life. 

Dreaming about fixing a roof

A dream where you were fixing a roof is telling you that your plans will be disrupted in some way. Fixing the roof means that, right now, you’re not in a situation to afford additional complications, and that you must focus on repairing the already broken pieces. 

Dreaming about a burning roof

A dream about a roof burning is a message that your hopes and dreams are not completely realistic, and trying to achieve them will give you a lot of headaches. Maybe it would be wise to put those plans on pause for a while and try to focus on something more realistic. 

Dream about a leaking roof

Dreams about a leaking roof point to some distractions and unwanted influences on your emotions. Someone is imposing their negative thoughts and ideas onto you and is expecting that you accept them without question. Pay close attention to subtle changes in behavior and seemingly harmless comments that people say to you, they can affect your emotional state. 

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Dream about a roof collapsing

A roof collapsing points to fights and arguments you have with your relatives. This dream is a sign of serious disagreements in your family or in your household. 

Dream about a fallen roof

A dream where you saw your roof fall from your house is a sign that someone, whom you trusted completely, is about to let you down and betray your trust. 

Roof being blown away

Seeing a roof, in your dream, being blown away by strong wind talks about a huge, sudden moment in your life that will have drastic consequences. Maybe you will lose someone or something you were depending on. 

Dream about falling off a roof

This dream is a warning that something you build is somehow compromised, it might be a relationship, a project you’re working on, etc. It’s possible you started something feeling very confident but it’s not working out. 

Dream about sitting on a roof

A dream where you were sitting on a roof is a sign of you waiting for something important to happen. It’s also possible you’ve reached a sort of balance between your wishes and need and now you’re just resting before taking on new challenges. 

Dreaming about jumping off a roof

This dream is a sign that you’re ready to take certain risks and leave your comfort zone. 

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Jumping from one rooftop to another

This dream is a warning that once you start working on something you better finish it before it turns into a total disaster. 

Dream about standing on the roof

A dream like this is a sign that you’ve accomplished all your goals. Enjoy the fruits of your labor because you have earned them. 

Dreaming about a new roof

Dreaming about a new roof refers to spiritual leadership and protection. It’s possible that you will meet someone who will give you some much-needed advice, and help you with your emotional crisis. 

To dream about a glass roof

Dreaming about a well-lit glass roof talks about some new information you’re about to find out. Be open to new ideas and possibilities. 

To dream about a red roof

A red roof means that you don’t pay too much attention to what other people say. 

Dreaming about roof tiles

Dreaming about tiles could represent your addiction to the group you’re part of and to whom you relate. Be careful, because if one tile breaks then they all break. 

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A house without a roof

This dream is a warning that you’re about to receive some shocking news about someone your care about deeply. 

Dreaming about a damaged roof

A damaged roof or a hole in the roof is a warning that someone or something is jeopardizing your feeling of safety. Perhaps something happened to you that’s making you doubt everything you ever did. 

Dreaming about an old roof

Dreaming about a roof that clearly needs repairing it could mean that you’ve lowered your standards about everything. You’re satisfied with everything you have right now and you don’t want to bother with anything else. 

Definition of a roof by Cambridge Dictionary:

the covering that forms the top of a building, vehicle, etc.

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