Dreams about a window

Dreams about windows

A dream in which you saw a window can maintain your views on some aspect of life. A large window in a dream can announce changes in the way you look at things, and perceive some things that you may not have noticed before. Conversely, a small window in a dream may indicate that you are looking at things from a narrowed perspective, as well as that you should broaden your horizons. If you looked out the window, the dream may indicate that you are evaluating someone or something.

What matters is in what context did you see the window in the dream, did you look through it or not? If so, what matters is what you saw looking out the window. It is also important whether the windows were clean or not. If they were dirty, maybe the dream suggests that you do not see a situation in life clearly, and vice versa, if they were clean, the dream means that you have no doubts. Windows can also have sacred symbolism, they can signify the view of our soul and what is below the surface and parts of our personality that are visible to the environment.

17 interpretations of dreams about windows

Dream about an open window

If you dreamed of an open window, such a dream might signify your openness to new ideas and views of things. You are an open person ready to listen to everyone and not afraid to take chances.

Dream about wide-open windows

In the case you dreamed of windows that were wide open, such a dream could mean that you should be less concerned with daily responsibilities, and dedicate yourself to some new things that interest you, things you did not have time to deal with before.

Dream of a closed window

In contrast to an open window, a closed window in a dream can mean closedness and conservative attitudes, and unwillingness to change opinions. It is possible you are a stubborn person who doesn’t think twice about other people’s opinions.

Dream of a broken window

A broken window in your dreams can mean that someone has confused your vision of some things or situations. Maybe you should rethink a situation or relationship. Also, maybe someone is intentionally clouding you from seeing the truth.

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Dream of closed curtains or blinds

A dream in which curtains or blinds were over the windows, may indicate your secrecy or that you are hiding something, and maybe you do not want to accept something. It would be wise to share your problems with your close ones, they might be able to help you.

Dream of open curtains or blinds

If you have had a dream like this, it probably means that you are ready to talk openly about yourself. There is nothing about you that you think you should hide.

Dream of opening a window

If in a dream you opened a window to let in the fresh air, such a dream indicates that you are open to new ideas, thoughts, and ways of solving things.

Dream of closing a window

If you closed the window in a dream, the dream may indicate that you are closing for external influences. Maybe the dream is pointing to some negative energy or a person you don’t like, so it’s better to stay away from it. This kind of dream can indicate that you are fully aware of your talents and abilities, as well as the desire to become famous and rich, but also that you’re underestimating yourself and that might be the reason you feel trapped or stuck in the mud.

Dream of breaking a window

If you broke a window in your dream, it could mean that you have changed your views of the world because of some new information you have received. It can be a daunting task, but you will get used to it over time. It is not the worst thing to occasionally change your stances.

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Dream that you are in a room full of windows

A dream like this might represent you feeling exposed to the whole world. All the windows represent your blind spots and all the angles from which people might look and judge you.

Dream of drawing curtains

This dream could represent the need to close some parts of your personality from the world. Maybe there is something you’re still not ready to share with the world. This dream can also mean an end, for example, the end of a part of life, the end of an era, or a situation.

Dream of light entering through a window

A dream where you saw light entering through the window might represent there is still hope to accomplish something you thought was hopeless all this time.

Dream of broken windows in the house

The dream in which you saw broken windows at home is usually a reflection of the worries you have, but those worries are probably unfounded, and you shouldn’t worry about them much. Sometimes this dream can represent some losses and even the loss of people close to you, due to circumstances that you could not influence, which can affect you a lot.

Dream of shouting through the window

If you dreamed of standing at the window and shouting, such a dream may indicate that you are tired of the job you are currently doing and that you need a change of job. This shouting is an expression of your dissatisfaction.

Dream of a closed window

If you dreamed of a closed window, such a dream is probably not a good sign and can indicate failed hopes and dreams.

Dream of peeking out the window

If you dreamed of watching what was happening outside through the window, such a dream could mean that you are burdened with your assumptions and views on things. It is possible you are judging others too quickly and without any thought. You may immediately make assumptions about a situation or person and judge for no reason, even though you do not have all the necessary information. A dream in which you peeked out the window can reflect your personality, and that you are a very critical person.

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Dream of jumping out the window

If you dreamed of jumping out of a window, such a dream may indicate that you are too confident in yourself. A dream can mean that even though you are aware that there is little or no chance of achieving something, you are still trying.

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