To dream about a ship

Dreaming about a ship

What does it mean to dream of a ship?

Dreams about a ship are common and they are mostly positive symbols of upcoming happiness and a change for the better. Ships might also refer to productivity and good health, and sometimes about glory and achieving great things. They are a symbol of long journeys both literally and figuratively.

18 interpretations of dreams about a ship

To dream about a ship

If you just saw a ship, without any other specific details, it’s a sign of an upcoming period of happiness and peace in your life. Some big life-changing events are about to happen. 

Dreaming about a huge ship

Seeing a huge, strong ship in your dream point to a period of good luck and is a foresign of good times ahead. 

Dreaming about being a captain of a ship

Dreaming that you’re a captain of a ship is another positive symbol and a confirmation that your life is on a correct path. 

Dreaming about an old, destroyed ship

Seeing a ruined ship is usually a negative symbol. It’s possible you found yourself in a bad situation and you’re not seeing any way out of it.

Dream about building a ship

Building a ship might indicate a possible romantic relationship heading your way. 

Dream about relaxing on a ship

If you were sailing and sitting on the deck just relaxing then this is a good omen. It’s a sign you’re feeling secure and very comfortable with your life. This dream is a reminder to be thankful for everything you have in life. 

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Being on a ship during a storm

This dream is a foresign of trouble in your immediate future. Be careful not to be involved in some schemes at your work. 

To dream about a ship in a harbor

This is a sign you’re going to avoid some dangerous situation. 

Ship leaving harbor

Ship leaving the harbor is a good omen. It refers to your financial stability and security. It’s possible you’re thinking about investing in some venture that might pay off handsomely. 

Ship docking in the harbor

This dream might be a sign you’re about to receive some unexpected, but very pleasant news. 

Traveling on a ship

Traveling is a sign of an upcoming change in your life. 

To dream about a ship sinking

Dreaming about a sinking ship is a negative sign. This kind of a dream might talk about some recent failure or point to your inefficiency or lack of self-respect. In some cases, it just represents the fear of drowning.

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Dreaming about a shipwreck

This dream refers to your failures at work, possibly a scam, even bankruptcy. Anyway, this dream is a foresign of some pretty serious problems heading your way. 

Dreaming about a battleship

This dream might indicate some possible separation from your friends or family. 

Dreaming about a ship burning

A ship in flames points to a negative period that awaits you. You might have a feeling that everything you do or say only worsens the situation. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it would be better to face your problems head-on. 

Dream about a cruiser

This dream represents you having a casual approach to life, not concerning yourself with every little detail that doesn’t add up. 

Dream about a spaceship

Seeing a spaceship in your dreams means that you’re in uncharted territory, possibly preparing yourself to do something you haven’t done earlier. Maybe you’re about to find yourself in some chaotic situations you can not predict. Such a dream could occur if you lost someone close to you, and now you’re adjusting to a life without them. 

To dream about a flying ship

If you’ve seen a flying ship then it is a good sign and might indicate that your financial situation is about to improve significantly. 

Ship definition by Cambridge Dictionary:

a large boat for travelling on water, especially across the sea

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