To dream about a lizard

Dreaming of lizards

What does it mean to dream about lizards?

A lizard most often appears in your dreams when you’re planning some new project or planning a new adventure. The change might be at your workplace, your dressing style, or just beginning of a brand new chapter of your life. 

14 lizard dream interpretations

To dream about a lizard

This dream might be a symbol of your spiritual journey about to begin. Even though you don’t consider yourself a very spiritual person, soon you’ll start taking it more seriously. 

To dream about a lizard on you

This is a common dream and it usually refers to your emotions. It’s possible you’re thinking about changing something about yourself, but it seems frightening and dangerous. 

To dream about a lizard in your house

A dream like this might represent your subconscious mind being in a state of disarray. The only way to solve your problems is to keep a cool head and approaching your problems with well-thought-through plans. 

To dream about a lizard hiding

This dream is a sign that you will manage to overcome your current financial problems. 

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Being bitten by a lizard

A dream where you were bitten by a lizard is a warning that someone is trying to hurt you physically and also trying to ruin your reputation. 

Running away from a lizard

This dream is a manifestation of the fear you have of someone and that you’re trying to get away from him. 

To dream about a dead lizard

Such a dream is usually a bad omen. It’s possible someone very close to you will disappoint you deeply. One of your close friends is telling rumors about you, so be prepared to get disappointed in someone you care about.

To dream about a green lizard

This dream could be a sign you’ve found yourself in a strange and uncomfortable situation, and you can’t find a way out. 

To dream about a lizard attacking you

Being attacked by a lizard might represent all the damage that’s been caused by your enemies. Also, it can be interpreted that your enemies are watching your every move, and you should be really careful. 

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Dreaming about killing a lizard

Killing a lizard is a symbol of your great strength and courage and your attitude towards other people. However, this dream might also be a representation how other people’s opinion is important to you. 

Dream about catching a lizard

This dream is a symbol of your love life. If in your dream, the lizard when into your hands on its own then it’s a symbol of good relationships with other people. However, if you’re failing to catch a lizard it could point to some love-related problems.

To dream about a big lizard

Dreaming about a big lizard could be a scary thing to see, but there is no reason to worry. It’s possible you might run into some trouble at work, but all could be resolved just by keeping your calm and not reacting harshly. Maybe you’ll have some argument with a friend or a family member, but it will just be a small inconvenience and no one will actually get mad. 

Dream about a beautiful lizard

This dream is a good omen that indicates that you’ll successfully overcome any obstacles that you encounter. Soon, you might to a better understanding of yourself and who you really are, and how to easier deal with problems that come your way. It’s possible you’re about to get more creative at your work which will not go unnoticed by your superiors.

Dreaming about lots of lizards

A dream such as this might indicate you’re surrounded by people who only want to take advantage of you. Think very hard about who could it be and try to stay away from them. 

Definition of lizard by Merriam-Webster dictionary:

any of a suborder (Lacertilia) of reptiles distinguished from the snakes by a fused inseparable lower jaw, a single temporal opening, two pairs of well-differentiated functional limbs which may be lacking in burrowing forms, external ears, and eyes with movable lids

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