Dreaming about a house – meaning and interpretation

Dream of a house

Wherever people live, there have to be structured to protect them from natural forces. We call them houses although they vary like the people who live in them. They are of different shapes and sizes and are made of different building materials. Dreams of a house have always been a symbol of security and protection, in every culture, for many centuries. We often dream about other people and their houses as well, so the meaning and interpretation of such dreams can vary.

10 interpretations of dreams about a house

Dream about a house

Generally, your dreams carry a hidden meaning that can give you a lot of insight into life, only if they are interpreted correctly. Dreams are a medium through which your subconscious sends you signals and points to things that are happening to you or around you. Dreams are a bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious minds. Because of the extreme importance of houses in our lives, dreams of houses are a common occurrence with multiple contexts. We will provide you with an analysis of the most common dreams about houses in our dream dictionary.

Dreaming of a house generally represents your sense of self and the condition of your body and mind. Therefore, you should pay attention to the appearance of the house in your dream as the house is a powerful symbol in cultural and religious traditions. The details, especially the style, condition and size of the house are very important for the interpretation of the dream.

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Dreams of a house as a reflection of a personal condition

For example, a dream of a beautiful house that integrates well with its close neighborhood might mean that you feel comfortable in your life and that you fit in with the norms of society. Many people would like to live together with their partner in a house as a sign of security in their relationship, so that dream is a symbol of commitment.

Your house can also be an expression of your personal identity. Dreaming about a house can therefore symbolize the way you present yourself to the world. In dreams, houses transcend their material symbolism and symbolize a person’s mental and emotional state.

Dream of a big and beautiful house

If you are not currently searching for or otherwise interested in getting a new house in your waking life, dreaming of a new house would more likely have a symbolic interpretation.

Dream of a big and beautiful house symbolizes positive feelings and satisfaction with things as they are. This kind of dream speaks of healthy self-confidence, and it is usually dreamed by people who are satisfied with their own lives. If you dreamt of a new and big house that belongs to you, you might have an opportunity to decide whether or not you will participate in new endeavors or projects. On the other hand, it can be related to other changes in your life that happened recently or will happen, like getting a new job or a change in relationship status. Sometimes it can show your satisfaction with a result from a diet, way of exercise or surgery.

Dream of an unknown house

Dream of an unknown house is a sign of certain changes in your life with which you won’t be able to cope. This kind of dream reveals a stage in your life when you are insecure and you are not sure what is expected from you or what needs to be done. It might also be a sign that you will unexpectedly meet someone who will want to be a part of your life.

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Dream of a house you lived in before

Dream of an old house has a deep connection to your childhood, loved ones or family. This dream acts as a bridge between your feelings from the past and new opportunities that appear on your horizon. Maybe you need to bring something from that past phase of your life into the present or leave your past and start a new phase in your life. Seeing or being in an old house in a dream means that you will see and improve relationships with people you miss and who were once an important part of your life.

Dream of an abandoned house

Dream of an abandoned house is a sign of thinking about the past, about people and things that are no longer present. The dream indicates nostalgia but also readiness to move forward. Sometimes it indicates a challenge which you are used to.

Dream of a messy house

Dream of a messy house is a sign that you should sort your priorities, desires and plans. The dream suggests that you feel confused and that it is difficult to set priorities. The dream of chaos in the house reflects the chaos which is happening inside of you. You need to think about what to do and where you want to be in the near future and how to achieve this.

Dreaming of moving to a new house

Dream of moving to a new house is a sign of change. You are satisfied with the situation as it is at the moment, but you would like new friends and things in order to make your life happier. This dream can also indicate a sudden departure for a trip. If you dreamed of moving to another city or even another country, that dream may symbolize that you really want to escape from the current situation and start again somewhere else. Dream of moving into a house that looks worse than your present one could be a sign that you are afraid that something in your life has gone wrong.

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Dream of a house flooding

Dream of your house filled with water may indicate that you are overwhelmed with emotions. If the water fills your house, it can indicate immense, powerful, and unruly emotions that threaten to swallow and suffocate everything in their path. Try to get a hold of your emotions before they put you in a bad mood and you make a bad decision.

Dream of a house on fire

If you saw your house on fire in a dream, that is a good sign, because it indicates some fruitful opportunities in the near future. This dream can also indicate a feeling which you are not able to shake off for some time like desire, passion, anger, etc. If you have dreamt of your house burning, the meaning will be connected to your feeling about the fire. If you consider fire as positive and hopeful, your dream might be a sign of personal transformation or purification.

Dream of a snake in your house

Dream about having a snake in your house is not a good sign, because it indicates imminent danger or some misfortune. You may face some danger while away from home, so it would be wise to take precautions.

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