Interpretation of a dream about God

Dream of God

In order to analyze a dream about God we first must know what God is and what he represents. God is one of the terms that describe a perfect being, believed to be the creator of the world and the ruler of human destiny. Belief in God can be called religion, and rites in his honor are worship.

Some religions represent God in the form of mixed animals and people, giant people, etc., and some others find it offensive to represent God in physical form. Others preach that God is an absolutely good being, while others think that he is above the human understanding of morality. You can discover the important meanings behind a dream about God in this dream dictionary.

11 interpretations of dreams about God

To see God in a dream

When you see God in a dream, it indicates the fulfillment of desires. In the coming period, you will meet a person who will become your true love. After a few months of a relationship, you will feel that you two are meant to be together. This experience will probably change your attitude towards marriage and family because you were opposed to it before. Desires, however, can also be in form of personal development.

To dream that you are God

If you dreamed that you are God, the dream symbolizes progress at work. Things will go the way you envisioned and you will soon reach the first step which will lead to climbing the ladder. Colleagues will admire you and fear you at the same time. You will be willing to sacrifice time and private life in order to succeed and achieve the set goals.

Dream of talking to God

To dream of speaking to God carries a meaning of happiness in marriage. Your marriage will, after many strong storms, finally sail into a peaceful harbor. You will get along with your partner much better and every decision will be the product of a mutual agreement to do what is best for both of you. You will realize that you are one team and that you both have to fight to achieve the best possible results.

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Dream of cursing God

If you curse God in your dream, the dream can be interpreted as a warning that you will get into trouble. Perhaps you end up in prison and shift the blame on God or bad company. You are not willing to admit your mistakes, it is easier for you to blame others. You need to reconsider your actions before it is too late.

Dream of praying to God

When the poor pray to God in their sleep, it is a sign that they will have enough money for a decent life. You probably have a hard time coping and barely make ends meet. Someone in your family will get the job they have been waiting for. He or she will be hired by a friend who knows about your situation and who appreciates honest work. Your conditions will improve and you will be able to afford much more for family members than before.

To dream of looking for God

If you are trying to find God in a dream, it means that you are trying very hard to hide your real feelings towards someone or something. It is possible that you are in love with a person who is inaccessible to you for some reason, or you cannot come to terms with the situation in which you find yourself. Although you try not to let anyone notice that something is wrong with you, it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to hide it. Maybe it would be good to talk to someone about it openly and honestly. Don’t ignore the opinions of people who only want the best for you.

However, if someone else seeks God in your dream, it indicates an unclean conscience. Whether by your words or actions, you have endangered a close person. You tried to hide it as best you could or even put the blame on someone else, but deep down you are still aware of what you did. Now is the right time to show some maturity and finally take responsibility for your actions.

Dream of meeting God

When you dream that you have met God, but have not seen his face, it means that in the near future you could come up with an idea that will radically change your life. You just need a little courage to start realizing your plan, so you must not let the opinion of others deter you. Continue believing in yourself, because only by believing in yourself you can achieve what you have been dreaming of.

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Dream of arguing with God

This dream is often the result of an unpleasant event or conversation that affected you in some way. You may have recently experienced an injustice that has shaken you and just the thought of it makes you sad and upset. It probably seems to you that you can’t find a way out of it. Don’t expect others to help you because you have to find motivation in yourself to keep going.

When someone else quarrels with God in your dream, it means that you regret the missed opportunities in life. It can refer to a business or social opportunity. You’ve probably sacrificed one of those two believing at the moment that you’re doing the right thing, and now the situation looks completely different to you. Forget it and move on.

Dreaming of fighting God

If you dreamed about fighting with God, it means that you will quarrel with a close friend, family member or partner. The breakup will start with small irrelevant things, but very difficult issues will be will arise from it. Everything that you resented each other for a long time will come to light. Although it will not be pleasant, you should know that the words spoken in heat of the moment are not a real representation of what someone thinks about you.

If you dream that someone else is fighting with God, it means that you should defend your opinion more often. You are a person who does not like to quarrel or get into any kind of conflict. When that happens, you just don’t know how to react. There is a lot of work to be done in order to improve that, and above all, it is necessary to get rid of some issues you have been sweeping under the rug your whole life.

Dream about making love with God

This type of dream does not necessarily have a sexual meaning. It usually refers to a lack of attention and love. If you are without a partner for a long time, it is a sign of loneliness, and if you are in a relationship or marriage, it is possible that your loved one does not pay enough attention to you. If you lack attention in your relationship, you should ask yourself how much attention you pay to your partner. Perhaps they feel the same as you do. Don’t try to solve all your problems at once, you have to give it some time in order to properly solve the issues you have been avoiding.

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To dream that you have killed God

If you have killed God in your dream, it means that you care about your own or the future of the person you love. Such dreams are often dreamt by parents because they constantly worry about their children. However, there is no deeper symbolism in this dream, so you must be aware that it does not mean that something bad will happen to those you love. On the contrary, you may soon come to the conclusion that your worries were unfounded.

On the other hand, if others have killed God in your dream, expect some smaller expenses. It is possible that you forgot a birthday, an important anniversary or a wedding, and that you did not set aside money for gifts. However, you will be able to overcome that obstacle, so the nervousness will not last long.

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