Dreams about a door

Dreaming of doors

What does it mean to dream about a door? 

Doors in our dreams usually symbolize some new opportunities and change and could point to the possibility of experiencing something new in life. They could also represent you moving on and entering a new chapter of your life. 

In order to better interpret the dreams about the door you need context such as color, shape, number on the door, and how this dream made you feel.

12 door dream interpretations

Dreaming about a door

Dreaming about a door, without any other context, can mean different things. Usually, the door represents some sort of blockade or insecurities you have about yourself. Maybe you’re having problems with making some important decisions and you feel trapped. 

Dream about walking through a door

Walking through a door, in your dream, might foretell that you will have to defend yourself from someone. Someone is trying to assert their control over you and is trying to make some choices for you. Luckily, they will fail to do so but will remain a presence in your life for some time. 

Dream about unlocking a door

Trying to unlock a door is a representation of your interest and curiosity about some new area or a job you recently discovered. This dream is a manifestation of your desire to dedicate yourself to it. 

If you were having difficulties finding the right keys then it could mean you’re currently in some difficult situation but you’re trying to get out of it any way you can. 

Dream about a door shutting in your face

This dream is usually a bad sign and might foretell some difficult and troublesome period ahead. If the door hurt you, while closing, it’s possible someone close to you might be in some sort of danger. 

Dream about someone passing through a door

A dream like this might indicate you will encounter some obstacles while doing your everyday chores. 

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Dream about an open door

Dreaming about open doors could represent some new possibilities you have or some changes you’re about to go through. An open door can also be a sign of love and the connection you and your partner share together. For women, having such a dream could mean they are about to start a new romantic relationship with someone, and for men that they will find a mistress.

Dream about a closed-door

A closed-door could represent some opportunities that are no longer available to you. It could also be a warning to hurry up and make a decision before it’s too late. 

If you were standing in front of the closed door then the dream might represent some challenges and obstacles you’re about to encounter. Maybe you’re currently working on some project and you’re about to have some unexpected difficulties. 

Dream about open doors closing

Dreaming about an open door closing fast might represent some opportunities or expectations you had shut down abruptly. Maybe you had hoped for a new job, but it was given to someone else. 

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Dream about a locked door

Locked doors might represent you being cut off from something, being denied access to something. You will like others are more privileged than you are, and are given more opportunities and second chances than you are. You feel like you’re stagnating because of others. 

A locked door could also be interpreted as you being an introvert, refusing to let others in, and failing to make connections to the outside world. 

Dream about opening the wrong door

Opening the wrong door, in your dreams, might indicate you’ve been given some opportunities that you didn’t want. You got an offer that could help you financially but you have mixed feelings about the morality of the job offer. 

This dream could also be a reflection of your feelings towards the people you’re surrounded with. You’re constantly meeting people with whom you don’t fit it. 

People you don’t like on your doorstep

A dream like this means you’re exposed to some negative outside influence and you’re aware of it but can’t do anything to change it. 

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Dream about your house door being locked

Such a dream might represent some negative influences or some problems you’re having that are making you feel vulnerable and unsafe. 

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