Dream of a cemetery, graveyard

Dreaming of a graveyard

What does it mean to dream about a cemetery?

According to many interpretations, a graveyard in dreams indicates that you will experience a happy old age. You are a person who knows what he wants and who is confident in himself and his decisions. You are an optimist and you will be able to achieve all your goals.

In order to correctly interpret your dream of a cemetery, it is important to take into account all the details and circumstances that you saw in the dream. The meaning of your dream about the cemetery depends on whether you dreamed of your own or someone else’s grave, as well as on whether you went through the cemetery or dug someone’s grave yourself.

8 interpretations of dreams about a cemetery, graveyard

Dream of standing in a cemetery

If you dreamed that you came to the cemetery, that dream symbolizes the end of one phase of life and a new beginning. You have decided to end old habits and leave the past behind. You are ready to go on with your life and experience new adventures. 

Dream about walking through a cemetery

If you dreamt that you came to the cemetery, this dream might symbolize the end of one phase of your life and a new beginning. You have decided to end old habits and leave the past behind. This dream can also be a warning that you need to believe in your abilities more. You are very indecisive and insecure and do not accept any criticism.

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Dream of a grave of someone you know

If you saw in a dream the grave of a person you know in real life, that dream means that you will be positively surprised when it comes to that person. In addition, this dream can mean that you are very worried about that person.

Dream of a grave of someone unknown

Dreaming about the grave of a person unknown to you could mean that in the coming period you will discover some things that you did not know until now. This dream can also symbolize your bad forebodings and doubts that torment you in real life. You constantly feel that someone is lying to you and hiding something from you. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are right.

Dream of a veterans cemetary

If you dreamed of a grave from a family member it could mean that there is some secret related to your family that you should reveal. However, if you dreamed of the grave of your dear person who is really no longer among the living in the real world, it is just a sign that you loved that person very much and that you miss him more and more.

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Dream about digging a grave

Dreaming about digging a grave may be a sign that you want to hide some things from other people. Also, this dream may mean that you have decided to break up with something in real life and leave it behind.

Dreaming about your own grave

If you saw your own grave in a dream, it can be a little scary. However, that dream is just a warning to be a little more careful in real life. It is possible that you will experience some unpleasant situations and problems in the coming period, but you must stay strong and go to your goal.

As you can see, this dream still has positive symbolism. After the suffering and problems, you will experience, you will still emerge victoriously. The effort you put into something will pay off many times over and you will be very satisfied and proud.

Dream about an open grave

Dreaming about someone’s open grave in a dream is a sign that you will experience a big surprise in the coming period. You will witness something happening and you will not be able to cope at the moment.

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A dream in which you see a cemetery can be very upsetting and frightening. The cemetery is always a symbol of death, pain, and sorrow. However, you should know that such dreams mostly have positive symbolism and have nothing to do with death. The graveyard in dreams mostly symbolizes transience and the fact that one part of your life is coming to an end. You want to leave the past behind and start over.

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