To dream of a church or a cathedral – dream meaning

Dreaming of a church cathedral

In the Bible, a church is a gathering or a community of believers. But, nowadays when people think of church they think about the building itself. Churches in dreams most often represent things you find to be true and pure

11 interpretations of the church in your dreams 

Dreaming of looking at a church

If you ever dreamt of looking at a church or a cathedral that could mean that you question some aspects of your belief. It is possible that you found some inconsistency or something illogical with the way your religion is being preached. That troubles you greatly and you’re desperately looking for a solution. 

Praying in a church

This dream usually points to a happy and productive life. All your efforts shall be rewarded. Sure, it might take a while, a lot of hard work and sacrifice but it will all be worth it. Your persistence will be rewarded. 

Dreaming of a demolished church

This represents a bad omen because hardships and difficult times might await you in your immediate future. It’s possible that you’re going through a phase of failure, desperation, and rejection. Yet, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by self-pity and get to a point where you question your own existence. Everybody goes through similar phases, and you’re not the exception. 

Dreaming of a burning church

Dreaming of a fire in a church or a cathedral could indicate that your faith in some way attacked. It’s possible you’re forced to do things you’re not comfortable with. Temptation comes in many shapes and forms and you should be very careful that you’re comfortable with every task you’re about to do. Doing something you know is wrong, for moral reasons can bring you great disappointment in life. 

A church full of people

Such a dream is a good sign that points to a period of luck and progress in your immediate future. It’s possible that you were going through a rough patch but it has finally come to an end. Dream about a church full of people is a very good omen, and you have a lot to look forward to. 

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A church or a cathedral without icons

Having such a dream is a pretty bad omen. It’s possible that you’ll hear news about the death of someone you know, have some sort of accident or have problems at work. 

Dreaming about cleaning the church or a cathedral

If you had a dream like this it might represent a desire or a wish to make up for some things you did in your past. Set things straight and return to your normal life. Maybe you think you were an immoral person in the past, but now you’re trying to set things straight and be a better person. 

Dream about a church and a cross

A dream like this is pretty straightforward it refers to a sacrifice you need to make on behalf of your belief and your goals. Such sacrifices might be time, love, etc. 

Church under construction

Such a dream represents you being surrounded by people who like and admire you, who share your beliefs and your interests. The people that you are surrounded with will have a big influence on your life. 

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Dream about a church and priest

This dream speaks about your quest for some spiritual guidance. A lot of people turn to priests when in need of advice or when they’re in a spiritual dilemma. If you’re in need to find someone to mentor you, best find someone close to you who has a lot of experience. 

Dream about a big church, cathedral or a monastery

If you had a dream where you dreamt a monastery it is most likely that you behave very piously. Every culture and the entire human society rest on some sort of moral belief or code. This dream is telling you that it’s possible that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you will have to put aside your moral values. You shouldn’t succumb to pressure and try and always do what you think is morally right regardless of other people’s opinions. Always abide by your moral principles and if you want a good night’s sleep.

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