Dreaming of murder

Dream of murder

What does it mean to dream about murder?

Dreams about murder are very common and depending on the context they can have both positive and negative feelings. Positive interpretations could be that you’re “murdering” or abandoning your past and moving on, or that you’re are distancing yourself from some negative things in your waking life. However, if you dream often about murder and death it could mean you are feeling depressed and the dreams could also be a reflection of some repressed aggression and negative feelings towards someone or something. 

10 interpretations of dreams about murder

Dream about killing someone

A dream where you killed someone could be a message from your subconscious mind that you’re on the verge of losing control. It’s possible you’re feeling angry at the person you killed in your dream. Maybe you are jealous of them because of their success, or maybe you feel that this person has taken something that you feel belongs to you. It’s also possible that there is someone in your surroundings whom you find annoying, and you’re just trying to “kill” that part of their personality. 

This dream could also indicate you’re trying to get rid of some bad habits or even addiction that you feel is connected with the person you killing in your dream. It could also mean you’re thinking about ending your relationship with that person because you feel they will only bring you trouble, and they are not improving your life, not even the slightest. 

Dream about being murdered

A dream where you were murdered might be a reflection of your fears that something you’re doing right now, in your waking life, might cause you some serious problems in the future. You’re trying to get rid of old habits and change your life for the better, but there is someone in your life who doesn’t like this new side of you. Maybe it’s a romantic partner who doesn’t like you’re “evolving” or a business partner who thinks your changes will reflect negatively on them. 

This dream could also be interpreted as you feeling betrayed or cheated by someone very close to you. It’s also possible you recently had a business failure and now you’re feeling depressed and disappointed, thinking about how to move on from this. You are going through a series of failures and maybe you’re feeling like someone is out to get you. 

Dream about murdering an entire family

This kind of dream is a reflection of your feeling that your life is a complete failure in every way imaginable. You just feel like there is some higher power out to get you, to make sure you never feel happy or enjoy anything. It could also mean that you feel abandoned by all your loved ones, and feel vulnerable and like you don’t have a place in this world. 

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Dream about being a murder victim

A dream like this could be interpreted as a warning to be careful when interacting with people whom you don’t trust and whom you find untrustworthy. You should be very careful not to fall into their trap. This dream could also mean that there is someone in your immediate surroundings who is trying to ruin your reputation by talking lies about you behind your back. 

Dream about being a witness to a murder

This dream might indicate you’re angry or upset at the person who was murdered in your dream. 

Murdering someone in self-defense

Killing someone in self-defense is considered a good sign and foretells you solving your problems and overcoming the obstacles that have prevented you to reach your full potential. 

Dream about a mass murder

A dream like this might represent some hidden and repressed feelings you have, such as anger and aggression. Maybe you’re feeling unhappy with some parts of your life and this dream is a reflection of that. It would be wise to talk to your close ones about the feeling you’re having. 

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Dream about murdering a stranger

This dream is a reflection of you trying to deal with some repressed feeling you’re having. It’s also possible that you are trying to correct some parts of your personality that have, thus far, only cause you problems.

Dream about your friend murdering someone

A dream like this could be a bad foretell that someone very close to you is about to betray you. It would be wise to think about who could it be and try to minimize the consequences. 

Dreaming that someone wants to murder you

This dream might represent your subconscious desire to leave your partner because you feel that your relationship is going nowhere fast. 

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