Dreams about wine – meaning and interpretation 

Dreams of wine

According to most interpretations, wine in dreams symbolizes joy, happiness, and celebrations that you will attend in the coming period. So, the symbolism of these dreams is almost always positive, but sometimes these dreams can indicate to you that you need to be careful and take more care of yourself.

If you like to drink wine or if you have been drinking it recently, it is possible that it left an impression on you and that it will be reflected in your dream. Wine is not such a common motif in dreams, but it can still have a certain symbolism. If you have been dreaming of wine, it would be good to interpret your dream and find out what it tells you.

The meaning of a dream about wine will depend on whether you saw white, red, or black wine in a dream, whether you drank wine in a dream, whether you spilled it or bought it, as well as many other situations and details. You should remember as many details from the dream as possible so that you can interpret it in the right way.

What does it mean to dream about wine?

Dreaming about white wine

If you dreamed of white wine, then the dream tells you to beware of false friends. There are a lot of people around you who introduce themselves to you as friends and do not wish you well. We advise you to think about who it could be and to distance yourself from those people.

Dream about red wine

If you saw red wine in a dream, it symbolizes the happy moments ahead of you. You will be in a good mood and spend time with your loved ones. Red wine has positive symbolism and announces the success that awaits you in the near future.

Dreams about drinking wine

If you drank wine in a dream, then it means that you have a very favorable period ahead of you. You will be able to solve all the worries and problems that bother you. You will finally have your peace and start enjoying life. The dream advises you to take a little more care of yourself and your actions from now on so that you do not have problems again and make the same mistakes from the past.

Dream about buying wine

In the case you dreamed of buying wine, it means that someone will use you in the near future for their own personal gain. In fact, someone will pretend to be your friend, just to get some benefit from you. Take care of who you trust and who you consider friends.

Dreams about spilling wine

If you dreamt of spilling wine, then that is not a good sign. It is possible that there will be an argument in your house soon between your family members. This dream should serve as a warning to you not to get into unnecessary arguments with your family.

Dream about spilled wine

If you spilled wine in a dream, then it is a sign that happiness will be in front of your nose, but that you will gamble it away. You simply will not understand what you have in real life and happiness will slip out of your hands. This dream could be a warning to hold on tightly to what you have. 

Dream about wine in a bottle

Dreams of wine in a bottle usually have a positive meaning and foretell wonderful moments with a loved one. In the period that follows, you will feel very good in the company of one person and you will try to spend as much time with him or her as possible.

Dream about wine in a jar

Dreams of wine in a jar are a good sign. A period full of joy and a good mood awaits you, so there is no reason to worry. You will be able to do everything at work, you will be very satisfied emotionally, and your health will be very good.

Dream about sour wine

If you dreamed that the wine was not tasty, then that dream might symbolize adultery. It is possible that you are exposed to temptations in your waking life. You are probably married, but thoughts of infidelity often run through your head. Think twice before embarking on such a thing. Alternatively, this dream may mean that you are interested in a person who is already married.

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