To dream about flowers

Dream of flowers

What does it mean when you dream of flowers?

Flowers are a common motif in dreams and can have different meanings. Namely, the meaning of a dream about flowers depends on other details that you saw in the dream and on the overall context of the dream.

Have you ever dreamed of flowers? Was it in a vase or in a bouquet? Did you pick flowers or give them to someone? Have you ever dreamed of flowers in your garden or somewhere in nature? All these are circumstances on which the symbolism of your dream will depend.

10 flowers dream interpretations

Dream about seeing flowers

If you only see flowers in a dream, that dream indicates that you have real and sincere friends around you. They will not betray or disappoint you and will always be there to help you. You are surrounded by people who respect and cherish you.

Dreaming about flowers in a pot

If you dreamed of flowers that are in a pot or in a vase, it is a sign that you can expect beautiful events in the upcoming period. You are facing a period full of happiness and success, so there is no reason to worry. Eventually, everything will fall into place and you will be happy and fulfilled.

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Dream about flowers in a garden

To dream about flowers in the garden might indicate a beautiful period ahead of you, in your immediate future. You will feel an influx of positive energy from other people and there will be nothing that worries or burdens you. The dream in which you see flowers in nature has the same meaning. 

Dream about planting flowers

A dream about you yourself in dream planting flowers might foretell a gift that you will receive suddenly. Namely, it is very possible that you will get something from your partner that you have been dreaming about for a long time. It is possible that your partner is ready to move your relationship to the next level. 

Dream about picking flowers

If you saw yourself in a dream picking flowers, that dream indicates the success you will experience in the near future. Namely, you will manage to achieve something in which you have invested a lot of effort and time. All your hard work is about to pay off. 

Dream about giving someone flowers

Giving someone flowers, in your dream, might indicate you are about to start a new emotional relationship. A dream such as this might foretell and very happy and fruitful relationship.

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Dream about getting flowers

A dream where you received flowers from someone, could foretell some surprise and joy that you will experience in your immediate future.

Dream about buying flowers

Buying flowers in a dream indicates the happy moments ahead of you. The little things make you happy and you enjoy everything that surrounds you.

Dream about smelling flowers

If you dreamt about smelling flowers, then that dream indicates a possible headache in the upcoming period. Namely, you will not sleep enough and because of that, you will be very exhausted. It is possible that the stress you will experience will affect your health.

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To dream about withered flowers

If you dreamt about withered flowers then that dream can be a warning to take more care of your health. It is possible that you will have some health problems in the upcoming period, so it would be best to visit a doctor and get yourself checked out. 

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