Wedding ring – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of a wedding ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment, bonding, and marriage. In our dreams, it could be a symbol of an upcoming wedding or creating some sort of connection with a certain someone. when it comes to our family, it can relate to improving or declining relations. 

13 wedding ring dream interpretations

Dream about wearing a wedding ring

For people who are married dream about a wedding ring might signify an end to some problems, you were having in your marriage. For people in a relationship, but who are not married, this dream represents that it’s time for your relationship to go to the next level; it’s possible you’re about to get married (proposed too), or you’re about to receive news that someone very close to you is getting married. And for people who aren’t currently in any sort of a relationship this dream might mean you’re about to get promoted at work and might indicate a substantial pay raise. 

Dream about seeing a wedding ring on your finger

This dream is a representation of your dedication to your romantic partner. If you’re not in a relationship then this dream might indicate that you’re completely committed to your job, and it’s about to pay off. 

Dream about someone wearing a wedding ring

Dreaming where someone else is wearing the ring might indicate that someone very close to you, possibly a close family member or a friend, is about to make you very proud. Maybe they are about to start a new job or they are getting their college degree. 

Dream about taking off a wedding ring

A dream where you were wearing a ring and then took it off might be a foretelling of the long journey you’re about to go on. You’re leaving your past behind and are going on an adventure to see new places and meet new people. 

Dream about losing a wedding ring

This dream might indicate you’re having some marital problems or unresolved things with your partner. It’s possible you drifted from your partner and some other things are your priority right now. If, before you woke up, you find the ring then it could mean you’re realizing that there is something wrong in your marriage and you’re ready to work out any problems you might have with your significant other.

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Dream about finding someone’s wedding ring

Such a dream indicates you will find something very valuable to a person very close to you. Maybe your friend lost his wallet, necklace, phone or something important to him and you will find it and return it to them. 

Dream about dropping a wedding ring

Dropping a wedding ring is usually a bad sign and might foretell an end of your relationship. If you’re not in a relationship then it might mean that the relations in your family are not at their highest level. 

Dropping and then picking up the wedding ring might foretell that you’re about to have a very nice and comfortable conversation with someone you used to argue a lot in the past.

Dream about a shiny wedding ring

A shiny wedding ring represents the harmony and prosperity of your current relationship. This dream is a good omen that foretells long-lasting peace and the stability of your romantic relationship.

Dream about someone stealing your wedding ring

This dream is usually a bad sign and might indicate that there is someone in your immediate surroundings who’s trying to complicate your love life and possibly even steal your partner from you. It would be wise to talk to your partner more than ever and prevent any complications in your relationship.

Dream about a broken wedding ring

A broken wedding ring might indicate some problematic and stressful times ahead. Someone very close to you, a family member, or your partner, is about to disappoint you. 

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Dream about buying a wedding ring

A dream like this is a representation of your finished projects and indicates that it’s time for them to pay off. This dream might also be telling you that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. 

Dream about a big wedding ring

If a wedding ring is too big for your finger then this could mean that you’re taking on too many responsibilities all at once, and it’s possible you’re now overwhelmed by them. It might be a good idea to take on just that you can handle, and not make promises you can’t fulfill. 

Dream about a small wedding ring

A dream where a wedding ring is too small for your finger might be a message from your subconscious that it’s time to take a break from your work and fight the time to relax and spend time with your family. 

It’s possible you’re taking everything too seriously and not enjoying yourself enough, and your family and friends are bothered that you don’t make any time for them.

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