To dream about fighting

Dream of a fight

What does it mean to dream about fighting?

Dreams about fighting aren’t that common, but they mostly happen when you were a witness to a fight or maybe after you were in a fight. Such dreams usually don’t have much meaning and are just a way your mind is processing what had happened. However, if you dream frequently about fighting it might be best to try and remember every detail of the dream that you can.

According to some interpretations, the seriousness of the fight is what determines the possible consequences you might experience in your waking life. 

10 interpretations of dreams about fighting

Dream about seeing a fight

Dreaming about seeing a fight is a sign that you’re a person who doesn’t like to get into other people’s problems or lives. Others might look at you as being uninterested in other people’s lives, but you simply don’t want to interfere in people’s lives and make their decisions for them. Also, you don’t like people interfering in your life and telling you what to do and how to live your life.

Dream about getting beaten

If someone was beating you, in your dream, then that could mean you’re about to get some criticism from a person who’s close to you. You feel that the person in question is humiliating you and not giving you enough respect, which is leaving you with a sense of inadequacy. You should consider this dream a warning not to let other people determine your mood and your choices too much. 

Dreaming about you starting a fight

If you were dreaming about starting a fight then this dream could indicate you’re about to hurt the feelings of someone very close to you. You should consider this dream a warning not to act recklessly and try to think twice before saying anything. It’s possible you will say something that could your relationship with that person forever. 

Dreams about fighting with your partner

Having such a dream is usually a bad omen and foretells a serious argument you’re about to have with your partner. That argument will be the outcome of a misunderstanding, and by the end, you will both be blaming each other. 

Another interpretation of this dream could be that your partner is hiding something from you, maybe even having an affair, and this dream is a manifestation of your fears and doubts. 

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Dream about fighting a child

Dreams about fighting a kid could be a reflection of your weakness and a lack of any real power or authority in your waking life. You’re constantly doubting yourself even when making some simple choices like what to eat today etc, let alone with making some harder choices. This dream might be a warning from your subconscious mind that it’s time to stop overthinking every single choice you make and be more confident in your abilities. 

Dream about fighting someone stronger

Fighting someone stronger, in your dream, is a reflection of your fearlessness in your waking life. You are ready to stand your ground and defend your stances and opinion regardless of who’s doubting you or countering you. Others consider you a fair and honest person who likes to fight for the truth. You should never abandon your principles or change your opinion “overnight” because that’s why people respect you so much. 

Dreaming about being in a brawl

A dream where you were in a mass brawl should be interpreted as a warning because there might be a lot of people in your immediate surroundings who do not wish you well. Some people are pretending to be friends, but they are just waiting for the right opportunity to stab you in the back. Consider carefully who those people might be and try to distance yourself from them before they get the chance to harm you.

Dream about winning a fight

Coming out victorious out of a fight is usually a good sign and foretells you’re about to restore order in your life. Maybe you were having some problems with your family or at work, but you will manage them successfully. 

Dreams about being hurt in a fight

This dream might be a sign that someone very close to you will need some help in your immediate future. You will gladly provide the help, but be careful how you handle the situation because there is a chance that it could backfire completely. 

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Dream about preventing a fight

A dream where you managed to prevent a fight between two people might indicate that you are a natural peacemaker. Others will turn to you for advice on how to deal with their fight and arguments.

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