Dreaming about waves

Dreaming of a wave

Big water surfaces, such as oceans and seas, symbolize and reflect feelings and emotions, so waves most often represent some of our emotions at any given moment. Dreams about tsunamis, tidal and huge waves are relatively common and are mostly followed by feelings of agitation and panic. These dreams usually occur when you’re going through a period of major changes in your life.

Dreams about waves could also reflect some internal struggles and turmoil you’re having and are a message to look deep within yourself and try to understand what your subconscious mind is telling you. 

12 interpretations of dreams about waves

Dream about waves

Dreaming about seeing waves could be a foretelling of some major changes that are happening or are about to happen in your life, simultaneously telling you that you will easily adapt and accept those changes. 

Dream about a big wave

A big wave, in your dream, could be interpreted as a sign of great anxiety and a surge of negative emotions. If by any chance, the water was clear and warm then it could foretell some positive changes in your love life.

Being carried by a big wave

Such a dream is not a good sign and might represent you being overwhelmed by something that’s happening in your waking life. 

Dream about a river wave

Dreaming about river waves might indicate you will have frequent mood changes in the upcoming period. This could be a consequence of some recent failures you had. 

Dream about huge river waves

If you had a dream where, out of nowhere, huge waves appeared on the river then such a dream might foretell some major changes in your life. Interpretations could differ depending on the emotions you had during the dream. If the waves were muddy and carrying garbage then better prepare yourself for something uncomfortable. 

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Dream about waves on a lake

This dream might indicate that you’re about to have a very serious argument with your partner.

Dream about huge ocean waves

Dreaming about huge ocean waves could reflect some strong emotions you’re having and you being overwhelmed by them. As usual, they can be interpreted differently depending on what kind of emotions you had during the dream. If the water was clean and pleasant, and you were enjoying the view, then the dream might be a foretell of some wonderful experience you’re about to have. This experience might include your love life or your career.

If the water was dirty or muddy, and the waves were raging, then the experience you’re about to have will be very uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

Dream about a big, black wave

Having such a dream is usually not a good sign and might reflect your inability to control your emotions and urges or instincts. This dream could also represent you having some sort of addiction like alcohol or even drugs. 

Dream about huge waves at sea

Dreams about huge sea waves might represent or foretell some sort of argument or problems with your family members. This dream should be interpreted as a warning to think carefully before you say something that could possibly ruin your relationship with your family forever. 

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Dream about strong sea waves

This dream is usually a bad omen and might foretell some sort of loss and sadness because of some unexpected events.

Dream about raging sea waves

If you were looking and listening to raging sea waves from a safe distance, then the dream could mean and represent you being calm and indifferent to some major events that are happening all around you. It’s possible you feel uninterested despite some of your plans failed or maybe you’ve just given up. The most important thing is not to lose hope, sometimes plans just don’t work out. That shouldn’t be a reason to give up on life and give up on making yourself a better person. 

Wave washing out something beautiful

Having such a dream is a foretell of something unexpected and pleasant happening to you in your immediate future, maybe you’re about to receive some gift that will have a lot of meaning to you. 

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