Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend

Dream of an ex

Dreams about your ex-boyfriend usually mean that you still have some unresolved feelings toward him or that you’re just missing a part of him that used to bring you great joy. Such dreams don’t necessarily mean you still love him but are simply a reminder of the good times you had and some fond memories you still have. It’s possible that your ex-boyfriend had some qualities you admired about him, and your current partner doesn’t have them at all. 

Dreams like this might also indicate that you’re currently going through some hard times and your subconscious is revisiting some nicer times you shared together. However, it could also be a representation of your regret for not telling him everything you now wish you said. Dreams about ex’s are pretty common and also often represent your wish or need for closure.

15 interpretations of dreams about an ex-boyfriend?

Dream about being ignored by your ex-boyfriend

This dream is a message from your subconscious that it’s finally time to get over your past and continue your life. Maybe you’re finally realizing that you and your ex are never going to happen and you are accepting it. 

Dream about making love to your ex-boyfriend

A dream like this is a reflection of your hesitation to enter a new relationship, it’s possible you have been with your ex for a long time and now you don’t know how to behave around someone new. This dream might also foretell that someone or something from your past is about to reemerge and make your life difficult. 

Dream about fighting with your ex-boyfriend

This dream might indicate that someone, in the present, is making you just as angry as your ex-boyfriend did. Such a dream might also be telling you that your current boyfriend isn’t that much different from your ex. It would be wise to, alone, analyze both relationships and try to see the benefits of the current relationship.

Dream about being back together with your ex-boyfriend

Such a dream might, but doesn’t necessarily, mean be a reflection of your wishes to get back together with your ex. This dream could also indicate you’re ready to be in a new relationship where you will feel loved and cared for. 

Dream about your ex-boyfriend’s parents

This dream is a sign that you still have some unresolved issues with your ex.

Dream about a visit from your ex-boyfriend

A dream like this is a message from your subconscious mind that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get in touch with your ex-boyfriend and possibly get back together, or at least have some closure.

Dream about kissing with your ex-boyfriend

Kissing your ex in a dream might indicate that there is some surprising and unexpected news coming the way that will leave you completely shocked.

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Dream about breaking up with your ex-boyfriend

This dream is usually a good sign that you’re over your ex-boyfriends and that you’re ready to meet someone new and start the next chapter with that person.

Dream about arguing with your ex-boyfriend

A dream such as this might be a foretell that someone new and exciting is about to enter your life and turn it upside down. 

Dream about your ex-boyfriend trying to talk to you

This dream isn’t a good omen and might indicate that your current relationship isn’t going as well as you thought and might run into some serious problems. 

Dream about your ex-boyfriend getting married

Such a dream represents you being completely over your ex-boyfriend and don’t have any regrets.

Your ex-boyfriend killing your current boyfriend

A dream like this could mean that you’re missing a really important part, in your current relationship, that you had with your ex. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re unhappy with your current partner, just that he’s missing some aspect that your ex-boyfriend had. Maybe it’s something like mutual respect, good sex life, spiritual connection that you’re lacking now and wish you had. 

Dream about your ex-boyfriend crying

This dream might symbolize you hurting someone who’s not very important to you, but you don’t really care that much. It’s possible that other people around you are judging you in some way, but it doesn’t bother you at all.

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Dream about you crying over your ex-boyfriend

Such a dream might be a sign that you’re still not over your ex-boyfriend and you wish you were still together. 

Dream about getting back with your ex-boyfriend

This dream might represent the discomfort you’re feeling in your current relationship.

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