To dream about your son – dream interpretation

Dreams of a son

Dreams of your son might represent him becoming more open and mature. You having this dream while your son is a full-grown man could mean that he’s going to change his life in some way.

9 explanations of dreams of your son

To dream of the birth of your son

This is a symbol of happiness no one could ever spoil. If the baby was beautiful and smiling it foretells a period of prosperity and good luck – most likely you’ll accomplish something you’ve been working on for a very long time. When a man dreams about getting a son, it could be a sign that he’s overly concerned about how other people look at him. For an unmarried woman, a dream could point towards some rumors regarding her sexual life. 

Seeing your son as a child

If you dreamt about your grown son from a period of his childhood it’s usually a sign of upcoming changes. There is no reason to be afraid of those changes, on the contrary, you should embrace them because this dream represents a period of happy and blissful moments, especially if your son was smiling in the dream.

However, if by any chance your son was crying in that dream it could mean that’s he’s currently going through a series of unfortunate events and may need your help and your support.

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A dream about your son getting married

Dreams like this are most often a representation of your wishes. You probably want your son to start a family on his own and be a little more independent. If in your dream you were at your son’s wedding and you were singing and dancing that could mean that very soon you’ll have a reason to be very proud of him.

However, if by any chance your son doesn’t seem that happy at his own wedding that might be a sign that it’s time to stop interfering in your son’s life and let him make his fate. Only like that can he become truly independent. 

Dream about your son being ill

This dream could be a foresign of bad things to come. If your son was in great pain that might there are some accidents or disappointment in your immediate future. However, those accidents might not have anything to do with your son. 

To dream about your son crying

Such dreams usually point to some problems and obstacles you’ve just begun to confront. Dreams in which a person close to you is crying are pretty disturbing. These dreams talk about failures and disappointments. 

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Dream about your son dying

Even though dreams like this can be very disturbing they are not necessarily a bad omen. If in real life your son is alive and healthy, and he died in your dream, that means he’s in excellent shape and ready for everything life throws at him. If he’s a teenager in your dream then the dream could represent him changing for the better.

A dream about your son’s tomb, like everything above, doesn’t need to be bad a bad sign at all and is usually a complete contrast. Dreaming about a tomb could mean that all your descendants will accomplish great things and you’ll have a lot of reasons to be proud of them. 

To dream about your son in prison

Dreaming about your son being incarcerated is actually telling you that you’re overprotective of your son and all the things that matter to you. This dream might also indicate that someone or something is draining all your energy and doing that is preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Your son calling you for help

If you heard your son crying out for help then that is a sign of upcoming problems and unforeseen obstacles that await you in your immediate future. 

To dream of a son you don’t have

Interpreting this dream depends on other details in the dream and of the characteristics of the son himself. If he was a baby in your dream then you will probably find more time to spend with your friends and family. If in your dream he was a kid, who already learned who to walk and talk, it could be a warning not to say anything impulsive you might come to regret.

If your son was a boy or a teenager that could mean that you’re not feeling comfortable around your friends. Maybe you have a feeling that they are somehow trying to take advantage of you. 

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