Dreaming of a cow – dream interpretations

Dreaming of cows

What does it mean to dream about cows?

Cows most often symbolize important questions in your life, but they can also represent passive and submissive behavior. Sometimes the dream of cattle can represent your obedience to some authority, without too many questions. 

18 dream interpretations of a cow in your dream

To dream about a herd of cows

This kind of dreams indicate you being a part of some sort of a group, or your wish to be a part of a group. If something was happening with the herd, maybe the cows looked nervous, in your dream, that might represent some problems within the group itself. Someone is behaving in a way that could break up the entire group as a result. 

Dream about being a cow

This dream represents your fears about coming off stupid in some public place and that people will laugh at you. 

Watching a cow from a distance

Just looking at a cow from a distance is a sign you’re overwhelmed at your job and you have a lot on your plate. Although it doesn’t seem achievable you will manage to complete all your tasks on time. 

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To dream about cow grazing

This dream is a positive sign and usually refers to wealth and prosperity. This dream indicates that all your efforts are about to pay off in your immediate future. You completely deserve these rewards after all the time and sacrifice you put into your work. 

To dream of being chased by a cow

This dream is usually a positive sign that you might be in for a good financial period ahead, maybe you even inherit something worth a lot of money. However, sometimes a dream like this could be a warning that you have a rival in your business or personal life. In your dream, if you managed to escape the cow then it’s a sign that you’ll overcome your obstacles. 

Dream about a healthy cow

A healthy and well-fed cow is an excellent sign and talks about the prosperity and success you earned for yourself. 

Dream about a sick cow

Dreaming of a cow that is ill is usually a bad omen. It’s possible that some plans you had for your future are about to fail and you will have to work a lot harder to avoid complete failure and possible bankruptcy. 

Dream about a sick, starving cow

Dream about a starving cow is a very negative sign and might even be a prediction that something similar might happen to you. Be careful how you spend your money and try to save up some. Throwing your money around could lead you to a very bad financial situation, possibly poverty as well. 

Guarding a herd of cows

A dream like this is not a favorable sign. This dream might foretell some uncomfortable situations about to happen to you. Consider this dream a warning because there is someone in your workplace who is trying to ruin your reputation. 

To dream about a cow and a calf

If you dream about them grazing grass in a field it symbolizes great success and accomplishments in your near future. 

To dream of a cow and a bull

A dream like this is usually a positive sign that could refer to news about someone in your family being pregnant. Even if that’s not the case, expect some great news related to your family. 

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Dreaming about seeing a cow

This dream is usually a good sign and foretells success over the next period. A dream like this points to a lucrative job offer or a business proposition. 

Dream about losing a cow

A dream where you lost a cow, but then found it usually foretells some hardships in your immediate future. You will need a lot of patience in dealing with your problems, but in the end, you will succeed.

Dream about buying a cow

This dream talks about a great partnership with someone and that your ventures will bring you big profits. This dream might also represent a romantic relationship that could end in marriage. 

To dream about selling a cow

A dream like this is usually a bad sign and it might symbolize some financial losses in your immediate future. This dream is a warning to think twice before investing money in any sort of business. 

To dream about a dead cow

Dreaming about a dead cow could indicate that there is some part of your personality that’s “dying”. This dream might represent come financial loss because you’re losing an animal that gives you milk (money). A cow dying of old age could mean that something is wrong in your relationship with a loved one and it would be wise to work on that relationship. 

To dream about a white cow

This dream is an excellent foresign of an upcoming trip you’re going to take. On that journey, you will meet a friend for life. 

To dream about a black cow

Dream of a black cow is usually a bad omen. It’s possible you recently hurt someone’s feelings without even knowing it. 

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