To dream of a cross – dream meaning

Dreaming of a cross

Dreaming of a cross is a symbol of your faith, but also a sign you might be preoccupied with worries. A cross is the most recognizable symbol of Christianity and in our dreams, it is most often a symbol of a “burden” you are bearing. This dream might sometimes be telling that your beliefs are preventing you to follow your instincts. 

A cross is also connected to sacrifice and salvation so seeing it in a dream might mean you need to sacrifice a part of yourself or something that is important to you in order to accomplish your goals. 

9 dream interpretations of a cross

Dreaming of a cross around your neck

This dream could mean you are willing to forgive some insults you recently suffered and accept people for who they are in order to get along better and resolve your differences. A cross is usually a positive symbol and represents protection and love. 

A gold cross indicates you’re about to live through a period of great happiness and luck, and dreaming of a silver cross-refer to you being an optimistic person that always hopes for the best and always sees the good in people.

Dream about a wooden cross

A dream like this is a foresing of upcoming success both in your private and business life. 

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To dream about someone wearing a cross

This dream might be a warning you’re about to face a serious and possibly dangerous situation.

To dream about a cracked cross

The cracked cross is usually a good omen. Even if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, at least you will have some warning. Dreaming of a cracked metal cross is a message that you should be more patient when it comes to solving your problems. 

Dreaming about losing a cross

This dream might be a message that you’ve let your guard down and are now vulnerable to attacks. Only by believing in yourself you will be able to defend yourself and solve all your problems. 

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Dreaming about a broken cross

This dream is obviously a bad omen and it talks about losing faith. Sometimes it can mean that some restrictions are no longer in effect. 

In Christianity a cross is a symbol of a “ladder” with which you can rise to God, a cross protects us from evil. So, dreaming about a broken cross could be interpreted as a clear sign that you’re losing your chance to get close to God. This dream might also be a warning to protect yourself from your own bad thoughts and some bad outside influence.

Crucifixion is also a symbol of endurance and bravery, which represents our everyday problems and struggles. Dreaming about a broken crucifixion is a sign that you don’t have enough strength to last in a certain situation. 

Dreaming about kissing a cross

This dream is a foretell about an upcoming troublesome period that you will have no other choice but to accept and try and endure. 

To dream about a baptism

Baptism is a representation of your resolve and dedication to a new way of life, new stances, cleansing, and rebirth. Submerging the body underwater represents death while emerging from water represents new life. A person who you used to be is now “dead”, and you’re reborn as a new person without sin. So, dreaming about baptism might incline that you’re thinking about undergoing some major life changes. Making a conscious choice to change your life for the better is manifested by baptism in your dreams. Your new life doesn’t have to be a “new beginning” meaning you’re starting from scratch, it can also refer to a physical and emotional state.

Dreaming of someone else’s baptism

This dream still refers to you, because the person you dreamt of represents some aspect of your personality. For example, dreaming about a baby being baptized is only a stronger symbol of your own rebirth.

What does it mean to dream about a church or a cathedral?

However, such a dream could also mean that you’re too worried will some people forgive you for your past actions. 

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