To dream about soap – dream interpretation

Dreams of soap

What does it mean to dream about soap?

Dreams about soap are common and they usually reflect our desires to clean our thoughts and beliefs. They could represent your wishes to deal with something “unclean” and uncomfortable stuff about your life that’s been bothering you for a very long time. It’s possible you’re feeling guilty about something from your past and you want to “clean” your sense from that feeling of guilt, and move on with your life. Dreams about soap also represent the clarity of your thoughts.

16 soap dream interpretations

Dream about seeing soap

A dream where you just saw soap, without any other motif, might indicate you’re about to give advice to someone or warn someone about some possible danger.

Dream about soaping yourself

This dream might be a sign from your subconscious that it’s time to take a break and clean your thoughts before making any decision that could influence the rest of your life.

Dream about washing yourself with soap

Washing yourself with soap might be an indicator you’re in for a period of good luck and happiness. For women, this dream could also foretell them being very popular, and for men, it could be interpreted as them being attractive to a number of women around them. 

Dream about washing your hands with soap

If you had a dream where you were washing your hands then the dream might indicate you’re ready to let go of your past and all the things that have been holding you back. You’re finally ready to move on with your life and this dream is a representation of you having a “clean” slate. 

Washing someone’s hands with soap

Having such a dream might be a reflection of your fears of losing control over some aspect of your life.

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Watching someone soaping himself

This dream might be an announcement of an exciting journey that awaits you in your immediate future. 

Dream about aroma soap

If you had a dream about a soap that smelt nice then the dream might be foretelling a romantic adventure in your future. For people who are already in a happy relationship, the dream might mean that your relationship is about to go to a higher level, possibly engagement. 

Dream about a white soap

White soap in your dream could indicate some improvement in your financial situation. It’s possible you will inherit something from a distant relative. Another interpretation could be that you’re about to change wrongdoing from your past, and you will sort out your problems with someone you’ve hurt a long time ago.

Dream about high-quality soap

This dream might represent you resolving all the problems that have been troubling you. 

Dream about seeing soap bubbles

Having such a dream might mean you’re about to be accused of something you haven’t done. Being wrongfully accused of something might make you mad and on the verge of losing control because of the injustice. It’s very important to keep a clear head and sort the problem peacefully.

Dream about buying soap

Buying soap in your dreams might mean that someone you have considered a close friend will betray you. Think carefully about who could it be and try to distance yourself from them before they do any serious damage.

Dream about eating soap

A dream where you were eating soap might indicate that there are people who are waiting for your advice about something. You should find out who they are and try and help them any way you can.

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Dream about someone eating soap

If someone was, in your dream, eating soap then the dream is telling you that someone in your surroundings is jealous and envious of your success.

Dream about taking soap from someone

The interpretation of this dream is that someone in your immediate surroundings could be trying to humiliate you by talking behind your back. Find out who that might be and try to confront them before your reputation is damaged beyond repair. 

Dream about selling soap

A dream where you were selling soap represents you intentionally giving someone bad advice in order to improve your own financial status. 

Dream about liquid soap

Having a dream about liquid soap might indicate that some people in your surroundings might be laughing and talking behind your back. 

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