Dreaming of a car – dream meaning

Dreaming of cars

In our dreams, a car is often a representation of our current life condition. Depending on the context of the dream a car could refer to our body, mind, ego, consciousness, ambition, personality, or the general direction in which our life is going. A car could also represent your social status. Dreaming about a car could also point to how much control you have over your life depending on where you’re sitting in the car.

17 interpretations of dreams about cars

Where are you sitting in the car?

If you’re in the driver’s seat this means that you have absolute control over your life or at least you’re trying to take back that control from someone. If someone else is in the driver’s seat it could mean that someone else is in control of your life and is constantly trying to tell you what to do and how to live your life. If you’re in the back, in the passenger seat, it could mean you’re underrating yourself and are backing down when some challenges and troubles come your way, it could be a lack of self-confidence.

What’s the ride like?

The ride itself could point to some obstacles and difficulties you’re facing. If it’s a bumpy ride, you’re seeing a lot of potholes, then this dream means that you’re currently going through some difficulties.

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Is the car in a good state?

The state of the car is also an important fact when interpreting the dream. If the car is missing a tire or some other important part it means that you’re missing someone very important to you. If you have a flat tire it could mean you’re currently stagnating in your life. 

Dreaming about a car underwater

If you see a submerged car in your dream then this dream could mean you’re feeling sad and a little bit depressed because of some life goal you have abandoned. 

Dreaming about a car flipped over

A dream like this could mean that there is some important event in your life that is keeping you from achieving your dreams. 

To dream about a crushed car

Seeing a crushed car in your dream represents all the disappointments in your life. It would be wise to set yourself some new goals. 

Dream about a car not starting

This dream might point to you feeling helpless and overwhelmed by something that recently happened to you in your real life. 

Forgetting where you parked your car

A dream like this points to your dissatisfaction with your life. You’re currently stagnating and don’t know what to do with your life. 

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To dream that your car is stolen

A dream where your car was stolen means that things are not working out the way you were planning. It’s possible that somewhere along the way you lost yourself and now you’re not sure how to get back on the right track. 

Seeing a parked car

This dream could represent you being too passive in your life and that it’s time to take some action and more risks. This dream could also mean you should redirect your energy towards some other interests that could bring you future profits instead of what you’re doing right now. 

Another interpretation could be that it’s time to take a break and simply enjoy your life and everything you have.

Dreaming about a car crash

A dream like this could represent your current emotional state and how you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in your real life. This dream might also be a warning to slow down and think about your actions and don’t get yourself in some trouble. 

Someone rear-ended you

This dream might mean that something from your past is still bothering you. Learn from your past mistakes but don’t allow them to hold you back. 

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Hitting someone with a car

A dream where you hit someone with a car might represent you actually hurting or cheating someone in your desire to advance yourself professionally.

Dreaming about buying a car

This dream is a symbol of your dedication to achieving your dreams and goals.  Cars were once a symbol of luxury and prestige, but today owning a car is a pretty common thing and everyday life without it is unthinkable. For that reason, dreams about buying cars are a pretty common occurrence.

Dreaming about a car on fire

Depending on the context this dream could have different interpretations. It could point to some rash decisions that have led you to some difficult period in your real life and now you’re angry or furious. 

Another interpretation is that this dream is a representation of cleansing and renewing. Maybe you realized that the path you were taking is wrong and you made the decision to leave it all behind and start a new life.

Dreaming about a toy car

Seeing or playing with a toy car in your dream means that you wish you have more control over your life. Also, it could be a sign of your immaturity and how you’re avoiding adult responsibilities. 

Dreaming about a police car

This dream is a cry for help, and luckily for you, help is on the way.  

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