Shoes – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreams about shoes

Dreams about shoes are very common and almost everyone dreams about them at least once in their life. Meaning and interpretation could differ depending on the context of the dream, and on the way, it made you feel after dreaming about them. Depending on the state of the shoes, were they old, new, shiny, ripped or tight, we could interpret them differently. 

13 interpretations of dreams about shoes

Dream about seeing shoes

If you just saw shoes, without any other context, then this is a good sign that all your hard work and efforts are about to pay off. Everything worthwhile in life requires hard work and maintenance so just keep up your struggle and success and wealth will come eventually.

Dream about new shoes

Dreaming about brand new shoes is, unfortunately, a bad sign. This dream could indicate some health problem you or one of your close friends or family might have. A dream like this is only a warning to start taking your health more seriously and doesn’t mean that anybody is seriously ill. It would be wise to make a doctor’s appointment.

Dream about old shoes

Such a dream might indicate that someone is trying to deceive you in some way. If you’re planning on buying a new house or any sort of real estate be really careful and inspect it thoroughly. The realtor might not be telling you the complete truth. It would also be wise to bring a trustworthy expert to help you inspect the house. 

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Dream about tight shoes

This dream is usually a bad sign and foretells some upcoming trouble in your personal life. Such troubles might include some sort of argument with close friends and maybe even someone from your family. After this argument, you might decide to move out of your house and become more independent. 

Dream about your shoes being too tight

If in your dream, your shoes were too tight then this dream might represent some problems you’re currently having with your partner. It’s possible that your partner is always jealous of your friends and doubts that someone is trying to steal you from them; this is irritating you to the point you’re thinking about a break-up. 

Dream about changing your shoes

Dreaming about changing shoes might indicate that you’re a person who constantly changes their opinion about everything and it’s starting to bother the people around you. 

Dream about ripped-up shoes

Ripped-up shoes symbolize you being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. You’re constantly fantasizing about someone who, unfortunately, doesn’t pay any attention to you at all. Maybe it is time to look at things more realistically and move on with your life. It is the time to accept the truth, however painful it might be.

Dream about putting on shoes

This dream has a positive meaning and foretells some upcoming happy and joyful times. You feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life completely and you’ve realized that happiness is in the small things. You will start to think more positively and not give the negative stuff much thought. 

Dream about losing shoes

If you dreamt about losing your shoes then that might be a sign that you’re still trying to find yourself, your own identity. Maybe you’re still figuring out who you want to be. 

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Dream about forgetting shoes

A dream where you forgot your shoes represents your strong stances and opinions about various stuff and sometimes your stubbornness in changing them. 

Dream about platform shoes

Wearing platform shoes might indicate you stall and firm to the ground in regards or your self-respect. You feel like you’re “above” other people in regards to moral and ethical stances, and you’re very proud of your successes and achievements. You’re constantly working on self-improvement and it’s working out great, people look at you with more and more respect every day.

Dream about not wearing shoes

A dream where you were barefoot in a situation that requires shoes might represent your lack of self-confidence and inadequacy in certain situations. This dream is a message and a piece of advice from your subconscious to be more confident and not to undermine yourself, because you have a lot to offer.

 Dream about wearing inappropriate shoes

If you had a dream about wearing certain shoes that weren’t suited for the event you were attending then such a dream might be telling you that you have a long way to go career-wise. Your road to success won’t be easy and you will have to put a lot of work into it.

Another interpretation of this dream could be that you’ve chosen the wrong path in life, and now you’re doubting everything you accomplished. If this is the case then it would be wise to take a break and think very carefully are you on the right path, or are you interested in something completely different. This dream is telling you to take full control of your life and not just go with the flow. 

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