Dream about a toilet

Dream of a toilet

What does it mean to dream of a toilet?

Dreams about toilettes occur often and usually point to some aspects of our life or our personality that have become obsolete and unnecessary. Maybe you don’t need some people or emotions in your life any more. Therefore you’re looking for a way to get rid of them. Dreams about dirty toilettes point to some unhealthy emotions you’re having, wrong stances or attitudes. These kind of dreams are a sign that it’s time to get rid of the old things in your life and make place for some new ones. 

11 dream interpretations of a toilet

Dream about cleaning the toilet

A dream where you were cleaning the toilet is a sign from your subconscious mind that you’re doing a good job of overcoming all the obstacles in your life that were preventing you from progressing and experiencing your life to the fullest.

Dream about a clogged toilet

Dreaming about a clogged toilet with water unable to go through might indicate you have repressed feelings about something. It’s possible you’ve pilled up a lot of negative emotions, it’s time to let them go. Also, it could mean you’re surrounded by negative people and their negativity is weighing you down. This dream is a reflection of you being “clogged up” by negative feelings and your subconscious mind is telling you to release all that negativity and flush your system. 

Dream about a toilet overflowing

This dream is implying that it’s time to express all your feelings and opinions you’ve been holding back, keeping to yourself. If there were all different kinds of stuff coming out of the toilet then this dream is a reflection of you not feeling appreciated enough and that your opinion is underappreciated by people in your surroundings. This dream might represent your desire to share your feelings with a certain someone.

Dream about something valuable going down the toilet

Dropping something valuable and dear to you, while you were flushing, means that you’ve recently ended a part of your life or a relationship with someone. Now you have second thoughts about ending it and are questioning your decision. 

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Dream about putting something in the toilet

Having a dream like this means that you’re liberating yourself from things that you find uncomfortable and unimportant. You’re letting go of your past, and previous bad experiences and are moving on with your life. 

Dream about sitting on the toilet

This dream might be a reflection of your wish to express yourself. It could be interpreted as you finally expressing your true feelings or opinions about someone. It could also be that you’re letting go of some stances and attitudes you had for a long time, and finally accepting them as false. 

Dream about buying a new toilet

If you dreamt about buying and installing a new toilet it could indicate you’re about to have some new and different ideas, or that some new job opportunities will present themselves. You will have a need to share those ideas with your loved ones and your colleagues, hoping they will give you their support. It’s possible they will be excited for you, but there could also be those who will be envious and will try to discourage you. The wisest thing would be to follow your gut feeling and don’t think about people trying to hold you down. 

Dream about washing an old toilet

Washing a toilet, in your dream, might indicate that soon you will have to take care of someone in your waking life. It could be your parents or maybe your kids, but there is no reason to worry. That experience of caring for someone will only strengthen your relationship and bond with the person in question. 

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Dream about using a toilet

Sitting and using a toilet reflects your desire to change how people look at you. You feel like people don’t give you enough respect and have some negative opinion about you, and you’re willing to do anything to change their stance. You’re going through a period of transformation, you are changing for the better. 

Dream about falling into a toilet

Falling into the toilet is a good sign and a sign that something pleasant is about to happen to you. It’s possible you will get a valuable gift or even a money prize. It will come at a time when you need it most. 

Dream about a toilet covered in feces

Having such a dream is a positive sign and foretell that happy and prosperous times are coming to you in your immediate future. 

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