Dreaming about nails – meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of nails

Nails in your dreams most often represent symbols of health, social status, and physical capabilities. To properly interpret a dream about nails it’s very important to remember as many details as you can and the emotions the dream has caused you. 

15 interpretations of nails in your dreams

Cutting your nails

Dreams of cutting your nails usually represent a variety of small chores that piled up over a short period of time, and now you don’t know where to start. Dreaming about cutting other people’s nails tells you that you’ll have to work even harder to earn enough money for yourself, as well as your family.

Dream about cutting your fingernails

This dream is a symbol of your great efforts in order to consolidate your thoughts and feelings. 

Someone else cutting their nails

Such a dream points to the fact that in some situations you’re simply helpless. Dreaming of someone else’s nails means you’ll have to accept that sometimes things are out of your control. The only thing you can do is adjust to the situation and try to make the best of it. 

Dream about cutting your toenails

This could be a symbol of actions you’re forced to take. It relates to almost anything, moving to a different city i.e. or being transferred to another station at your job. To dream about someone else cutting their toenails means that you’ll find a person with whom you’ll be able to solve your everyday problems and someone who will help you on an everyday basis. 

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Dream of trimming kids’ nails

This dream means that soon you’ll be having big expenditures around the house. Also, such a dream tells us that your pedantry is having a negative effect on the people around you. If you’re a parent, it might be worse, because those traits can be passed on and it could ruin the relationship with your kid sometime in the future. 

A dream about long toenails

Such dreams represent long-lasting efforts, and although they are very exhausting they’re also very rewarding in the end. 

Nails in poor condition

Looks and the state of the fingernails are very important for the interpretation of dreams. Dreaming about broken nails means you shouldn’t take on any more obligations of any sort, because you won’t be able to cope with all of them. You won’t only lose time and your nerves, but also the respect of people around you. 

Dreaming about dirty fingernails

That dream is a warning to be on the lookout and not to reveal much about yourself, not even to your close relatives. This is a vulnerable period for you, and someone might try to take advantage of you and ruin your reputation. 

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Beautiful, manicured nails 

A dream like this is usually a good foresign, an omen of good luck to come. For unmarried women, it could mean that their partner is about to propose to them, and for married women that their marriage is in a blissful state. 

Biting your nails

If you dreamt about biting your nails it could be a sign of disappointment in a person you once liked. Be careful not to be charmed by that person, you could suffer some consequences. 

Dreaming of ugly and broken toenails

This means that you’re ashamed of a close family member, and it isn’t without reason.

Dream about weak toenails

If you had a dream about weak toenails this could symbolize a negative atmosphere and a lot of arguments in your family. 

Dream about losing your nails

This could be a foresign that soon you’ll cut off ties to someone because your relationship with that person is meaningless for a very long time. 

Dream of black nail polish

This dream represents negative thoughts that you’re feeling for a while now. If you don’t get free from those feelings it could lead you to a state of depression. 

Dream of buying a nail polish

Such a dream often indicates an important, upcoming event. Also, it might refer to some unexpected expenditures. 

Nail definition according to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

a horny sheath protecting the upper end of each finger and toe of humans and most other primates.

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