Dreaming about heels

Dream of heels

What does it mean to dream about heels?

Dreams involving heels most usually happen to women, but it is not unheard of that men have them as well. The most common interpretations when it comes to heels involve sexuality and sexual attractiveness. Dreams with high heels could be a symbol of femininity, self-confidence, love, and vanity. On the negative side, it could mean you’re feeling limited by being a woman and maybe you’re not managing to express yourself properly. 

13 heels dream interpretations

Dream about wearing high heels

A dream where you had high heels on might represent your desire to be more sexually attractive to someone or that you’re trying to be more sexually attractive than someone. This dream might also be telling you that you discovered something about yourself and it has given you a lot of self-confidence.

Dream about breaking a heel

This dream is interpreted as a foretell of some minor inconvenience in your immediate future or a loss of a cheap, meaningless item in your possession. 

Dream about walking with a broken heel

Such a dream might be a representation of some recent sexual failure you had that led you to feel stressed and doubt your sexual competence. It is very important not to give in to self-pity and try to restore your sex life as fast as you can. 

Dream about walking with broken heels

A dream where you had both of your heels broken, but you kept on walking is usually a bad sign. This dream might foretell an end of your sexual relationship with a certain someone. However, the fact you were walking is an indicator you are moving on. 

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Dream about wearing low heel shoes

Low heel shoes represent, in our dreams, an uncertain situation you have found yourself in. There are aspects of your life that are completely out of your control and you’re helpless to change them. You wish you had more control of your life and your fate but you’re encountering obstacles trying to accomplish that. 

Dream about wearing shoes with thin heels

A dream like this could be a message from your subconscious that it’s time to reevaluate some decisions you’ve made in your past. You feel like your life is going nowhere fast and you think it’s because you missed or refused some opportunities when you were younger. It would be wise to think and analyze where exactly things started going wrong and try to correct your previous mistakes.

Dream about wearing wide heel shoes

Having such a dream might be a representation of your current life. Wide heel shoes are usually the most stable ones, and in your dream, they could be a reflection of your stable and peaceful life. Your relationship with your friends and family is as good as it can be, and you’re feeling accomplished and successful. 

Dream about wearing elegant heels

This dream should be interpreted as a foretell of your dreams about success and wealth are finally coming true. All your hard work and sacrifice will finally pay off, and you will have a very comfortable and luxurious life. 

Dream about uncomfortable heel shoes

A dream where you were wearing uncomfortable heels and it was very painful to walk in them might point to you being a person who refuses to dress and behave the way other people want you to. You are most likely a stubborn person who wants to do things you like, with little regard for other people’s opinions.

Dream about buying high heel shoes

Buying high heel shoes, in your dream, might indicate you’re ready to take on some new challenges and meet new people. This dream might also mean you’re ready to start your own private business.

Dream about a woman in high heels (for men)

This dream might be a representation of some of your unfulfilled erotic fantasies. 

Your date wearing shoes with a broken heel

This dream might be a sign of your dominance when it comes to your sexual relationships.

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Dream about your boyfriend in high heels

Dreams about men wearing shoes with high heels usually represent some sort of discomfort. A dream where your boyfriend was wearing them might indicate that something in your relationship is bothering him, but there is no reason for concern because he’s better off dealing with it alone. 

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