Dreaming of war – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about war

What does it mean to dream of war?

Dreams about war usually start with some internal problems which need to be resolved, internal conflicts regarding your wishes, and the harsh reality. Dreams about war are representations of struggles going on inside of you. 

11 interpretations of dreams about war

To dream that we’re at war

Dreaming about being in a war is a message from your subconscious mind that there is a “battle” inside of you that you’re not aware of. It’s best to give it a real think about it before your negative emotions start impacting your health. It is best to confront your problems head-on instead of just avoiding them and running away. 

War and shooting

Dreams in which you hear shooting could represent fear and a loss of control in your real life. This is especially hard for war veterans who have seen live-action and might be still dealing with PTSP and grieving over comrades lost in the war. 

Dreaming about going to war

This dream could represent a deterioration of a relationship with someone very close to you. If you’re feeling that and that someone has drifted away, now might be a good time to step up and try to fix the relationship. Waiting on the other person to make a move first is just running away from the problem, and the whole relationship could easily fall apart.

To dream about warriors

If you saw warriors in your dreams think about some of the beliefs you’re currently debating with friends. To dream of a warrior might be a sign that in real life some might consider you to be cruel or harsh. 

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To dream about a world at war

This dream might be a representation of how you feel your real life has recently been going. You might be under a lot of stress at work or at home, and you have a feeling everybody is out to get you. These dreams represent a lot of frustrations and suffering. Try to relax in any way you see fit, and don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. 

Dreaming about nuclear war

Dreams about nuclear wars usually indicate that you’re currently going through some really dangerous situations. With danger comes tension, and these levels of tension could make you do some impulsive and reckless things you might regret. As always, try to be calm and a solution will present itself even though you don’t see it right now.

Being killed in a war

Such a dream could represent you’re surrendering to your everyday problems and struggles. You feel exhausted and drained and your resolve is weakening. It’s better to try and remember what you’ve already gone through and you’re still here, you’re still standing. Although times might seem hard, you have survived and dealt with every problem life threw at you thus far, and this period will pass like all of the previous came to pass. 

Dream about running from a war

A dream in which you’re running away from a battle could be a sign that you’re in desperate need of rest. The situation around is chaotic and you’re having problems seeing clearly. It might be best to take a step back and collect your thoughts. 

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A war without weapons

A weaponless war might indicate that you’re afraid of a conflict, a discussion, or generally afraid of being hurt. You’re afraid someone will attack you without provocation. 

Pretending you’re in a war

A dream in which you pretended to be in a war and you won is a good sign, it’s a sign you will overcome an obstacle that has been troubling you for a very long time. However, in your dream, if you lost the war it could be a sign of an unexpected loss. Try to be more careful in your everyday life and try not to tempt fate. 

Watching a movie about war

Generally, dream about movies is a good thing and a sign your life is going in the right direction. However, if the movie was about war it could point to some obstacles on your path and you should prepare to confront them.  

War definition according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations.

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