To dream about dolphins

Dreaming of dolphins

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals and as such in dreams represent symbols of wisdom. Also, they are very playful animals and could point to your restless and cheerful nature. Dreams about dolphins could also symbolize your curiosity and your “swimming” through your emotions. 

14 dolphin dream interpretations 

Dreaming about a dolphin

Dreams about a dolphin almost always cause joy and positive feelings. Dreaming about a dolphin might mean that soon you’ll experience something very exciting and comfortable. Maybe you’re going to meet someone who will change your life significantly or you’re in for a period of great pleasure. 

Dolphins could also be a symbol of your connection to other people, if you recently met some new people it could be a sign that your relationship with them is going to be very productive. 

Dream about a dolphin in water

Dreaming about a dolphin in its natural environment is a good omen. This dream is telling you that you have an excellent relationship with your friends and family. Now is a great time to get out and meet new people, the friendships you make during this period might bring you a lot of joy and happiness in the future. 

What does it mean to dream about the sea?

Dream about playing with a dolphin

This dream might be telling you that you’re under a lot of stress and it might be a good time to take some time to relax and rest. You’re craving some personal time because lately, your work has been giving you a lot of stress. 

Dream about feeding a dolphin

A dream like this is a sign you should start to use all your skills and your talents because there is someone in your vicinity that might notice your talents and lead you to a wealthy future. 

Dream about chasing a dolphin

A dream where you were chasing a dolphin might refer to your relationship being fun and exciting. If you’re currently not in a relationship it might mean that you’re about to meet someone very exciting and interesting. That person will bring new energy t your life. Another interpretation could be that you’re looking for a new job because your current doesn’t satisfy you anymore. 

To dream about catching a dolphin

Dreaming about catching a dolphin is one of the few dreams about dolphins that have a negative meaning. This dream could be a sign that you lack pleasure, joy, or happiness. Catching a dolphin reflects your desire to enjoy things you think you deserve, but there is something preventing you. 

This dream could also be a message or a warning to think about your emotional state. What is bothering you, really? 

To dream about saving a dolphin

This dream is a sign that your relationship not going so well. You feel like you’re stuck in a routine that never seems to end. Maybe you could try to spice things up by surprising your partner with an unexpected gift or a romantic get-away before the relationship encounters some serious problems. 

Swimming with dolphins

This dream is a representation of good things that are happening to your right now. Just relax and enjoy this period for as long as you can. Another interpretation could be that sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone and take some chances. 

Swimming towards dolphins

A dream like this is a foretelling of some new, positive changes about to happen. You might be confused at first, but soon you’ll realize it’s a positive thing. This dream is a sign to throw away your fears and be ready to take some risks. 

Talking to a dolphin

Pay attention to the details of the dream to correctly interpret the dream. It is most likely a piece of advice your subconscious mind is giving you. 

Being attacked by a dolphin

This dream is telling you that you’re ready to face all your problems and fears preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 

Dreaming about a dolphin swimming with sharks

If you saw a dolphin surrounded by sharks it might mean you’re sensing some sort of danger. 

Check also the symbolism of dreams about sharks.

To dream about two dolphins

This dream represents your love for your partner and the harmonious relationship you’re in. 

Dreaming about a dead dolphin

Dreams about a dead dolphin could be a sign of desperation. Maybe you’re feeling lonely and distanced from people you used to be close with. 

Definition of dolphin according to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

any of various small marine toothed whales (family Delphinidae) with the snout more or less elongated into a beak and the neck vertebrae partially fused

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