Dreams about a divorce

Dream of divorce

What does it mean to dream of divorce?

Divorce, as a symbol, usually represents some disappointment in the state of your current romantic relationship. Lately, you’ve been dissatisfied with your partner and you are thinking that your relationship become nothing but a routine. You wish to regain the excitement that you had at the beginning of your relationship. It’s possible you saw someone go through a divorce and now you can’t get it out of your head, and you’re scared it might happen to you too. Dreams about divorce are usually connected with your personal attitude toward it. 

12 interpretations of dreams about divorce

To dream about you getting a divorce

Dreaming about you divorcing your partner might be a sign of failure. There is a possibility you’ll encounter a problem at work or in your personal life that will have a big impact on you, leaving you disappointed. You will question every decision you have made thus far, asking yourself “Why is this happening?”

Dreaming about someone else getting a divorce

Seeing someone else go through a divorce in a dream could be a warning sign that your relationship or marriage isn’t as stable as you thought. You might feel that your partner is happy and satisfied, but it’s possible that he/she is giving you one last chance to change before they end it all. 

To dream about refusing to divorce someone

Refusing a divorce in your dream indicates that you’re a selfish person. You don’t think much about others and their feelings, the most important thing for you is that all your needs are satisfied. You must realize that you can’t force other people to be in a relationship with you, and keeping them against their will is making you both miserable. 

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To dream about someone refusing to divorce you

If in a dream someone is refusing to divorce you, it indicates some sort of an obsession. Maybe your ex-partner doesn’t want to reconcile with the fact that everything is over between you, and is now stalking and haunting you. Your partner will try to intimidate and drive away any other suitor you might have, even threatening with physical violence. 

To dream you’re responsible for someone’s divorce

This dream might be a warning of upcoming problems in your love life. In the upcoming period, you will understand why it’s said that you can’t build your happiness on other people’s misery. Even though you will fight for what you want, you will realize that the situation is more complicated than you thought and you will give up.

To dream about divorce papers

A dream where you were served divorce papers might indicate some major life-changing events about happen. This dream also indicates you’ve been expecting these events and they are not surprising at all to you. 

If you signed the papers in your dream, then that could be a sign you’re willing to take a step toward your freedom and independence. It could also mean you’re about to cut ties to some people or organizations in your life. 

Dreaming about an ex-husband (or wife)

Seeing your ex-partner in a dream is a sign and a representation of your previous mistakes. Pay attention to every detail of your dream because it might help you to better understand why you feel dissatisfied with your current relationship. 

Dream of your parents getting a divorce

Seeing your parent’s divorce in your dreams might be a symbol of some authoritative people in your life constantly getting into arguments. The people you’re in direct contact with, like your bosses, parents, coaches, etc. are all pulling you in different directions. 

Try to please everyone without disappointing other people. 

Dreaming of friends getting a divorce

If you saw your friends getting a divorce, it might be a message from your subconscious mind not to get involved in other people’s business. You probably noticed some changes regarding your friend and you’re worried about them. 

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To dream about a divorce court

Seeing or participating in a divorce in court is a sign of some stressful moments in your life. You will be forced to make some difficult decisions, possibly having to sacrifice something important to you in order to achieve a higher goal. 

To dream about a divorce lawyer

This dream might indicate there are some big changes on the horizon, something that will turn your world upside down. If by any chance, you’re were planning about investing in a business it would be wise to give it some more thought before making a decision you could regret. 

To dream that you’re divorced

To dream that you are divorced when you are currently married in reality is usually interpreted as a neutral symbol. This dream usually represents your dissatisfaction with someone very close to you, not necessarily your spouse. For example, you might get upset about another family member’s behavior or feel upset about something your coworker was doing at work.

On the other hand, dreaming of a divorce could be a reaction to minor turmoil or problems in reality. In that sense, your subconscious mind is telling you that you should distance yourself from that emotional turmoil. 

Definition of divorce according to Cambridge dictionary:

an official or legal process to end a marriage.

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