Dreaming about sharks – dream meaning and interpretation

What does it mean to dream of sharks?

Dreams involving a shark are usually a representation of anger, hunger, hostility, or ruthlessness. You or someone around you is going through a difficult period and is possibly a danger to themselves or someone around them. A shark can also represent a cruel and unscrupulous person in your life. 

15 interpretations of a dream about a shark 

Dream about being a shark

It’s possible that you work in a hostile environment where you have to use every opportunity to “stomp” someone before they do it to you. These dreams often occur with people working in real estate, finance, big banks, etc., where they are put under a lot of pressure by working with aggressive people. If by any chance you dreamt about catching prey it could mean your financial status is above to improve. 

Being attacked by a shark

This dream is a warning of upcoming danger. If the attack happened while you were in the open, it could mean there is an unexpected inconvenience coming your way. 

To properly interpret this dream it would be great if you could recall how you felt during the attack, were you scared, was the attack sudden, or were you expecting it? This dream could also mean that the actual attack will be more surprising and shocking than damaging. 

Interpretation of dreams about a fish.

Sharks circling around you

A dream where you were surrounded by sharks could represent a bad situation you’re currently in. This could be a feeling of being cornered somehow, and maybe you’re feeling scared and helpless. 

Being bitten by a shark

Shark, in this dream, is a predator, and a sign of clear danger. If a shark bit off your leg, and you’re suffering from diabetes, it is a sign to pay more attention to your health because there is a real danger of actually losing your leg. However, if you’re healthy, and a shark bites off your leg that might be a sign you should be more careful while making choices that will affect the rest of your life. If a shark bit off your arm or your hand might represent you’re surrounded by people who wish you harm. 

Being swallowed by a shark

This dream might represent a situation in which you’re feeling helpless and you lost all hope. The best thing to do is wait for the storm to pass, or try thinking outside the box while resolving that situation.

Dreaming about fighting with a shark

A dream where you were fighting for your life, represents a similar situation in your real life. You’re in an environment where you have to fight almost every day to survive and succeed. 

Dream about killing a shark

A dream where you’re killing a shark in the ocean might mean that sometime in the future you will end your relationship with someone on very bad terms. There may be a lot of arguing and maybe even a fight. 

Escaping from a shark

This kind of a dream is a warning for you to stay away from aggressive people in your environment. 

Dreaming about catching a shark

This dream is a foresign that you will successfully overcome the hard times you’re going through. Keeping your nerves in stressful situations is about to pay off. 

A shark rushing towards you

This is a sign of upcoming danger.

A shark in a tank or a pool

This dream might refer to you successfully “containing” a dangerous situation. 

Dreaming about a shark on land

Seeing a shark on land is telling you that everything is going according to plan. It’s possible your relationship with your partner is about to go a step further. 

Dream about eating a shark

This dream represents you dealing with your aggression and negative feelings and exchanging them with positive ones. 

Dreaming about a great white

Dream about a great white might indicate some struggles you’re having at work or your relationship with your family isn’t so great. 

Dreaming about a black shark

A black shark is a symbol of disease and death. 

Shark definition according to dictionary.ocm:

any of a group of elongate elasmobranch, mostly marine fishes, certain species of which are large, voracious, and sometimes dangerous to humans.

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