To dream about gifts

Dreaming about a gift

What does it mean to dream about a gift?

Gifts in dreams, as well as in reality, can be full of surprises. Depending on the context of the dream receiving a gift is usually a very good sign and a very good omen. They are a symbol of happiness and often awake happy and cheerful emotions. Just the thought of a gift brings us joy even if it’s not anything special we always love the gesture. 

11 interpretations of dreams about gifts

Giving away a gift

If you dreamt of giving someone a gift speaks about your generosity. However, if you were giving a lot of gifts to only a handful of people it could point to your need to be accepted or that you can sometimes be a little “too much” to handle. A dream about giving you giving a gift to someone you know could be a sign of a recent conflict, and this is your way of making up for it. 

Dream about receiving a gift

Dreams like this speak on your openness to new experiences and accepting new people. Also, this dream could mean you’re about to receive some good news. It’s possible you feel thankful towards someone and this dream is a manifestation of those feelings. 

Dream about getting an expensive gift

This dream could mean that the person giving you the gift has some kind of feelings towards you. On the other side, it could be a sign of selfishness as well. 

Dream about buying a gift

Dreams like this show your selflessness and your desire to please everyone around you. If you dreamt about choosing a gift it could mean that you’re at some sort of a crossroad and you’re not sure which way to go. Dreams about looking for a gift could mean some minor inconvenience at work. 

Wrapping a gift in a dream

When you’re wrapping gifts in your dream it could mean that you’re trying to hide something or maybe you’re noticing that someone is hiding something from you. Try and remember what color was the paper, if it was red it could mean some sort of romantic secret. In the case it was shiny, you might be in for a nice surprise. 

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Dream about a bunch of gifts

If you saw a bunch of unwrapped gifts in your dream it could represent your many hidden talents. Try to discover what they are and make use of them the best way you see fit. 

Receiving a gift you don’t like

Opening a gift and disliking it is a sign that some things are not what seem to me. It’s also possible that someone very close to you isn’t paying attention to you at all. 

Receiving a gift from a deceased person

If you had a dream where you received a gift from someone who is dead in real life, it could indicate that your life is going to change completely. Dreaming deceased relatives giving you money should be a warning to be more careful with your investments. However, if you dreamt that a person is giving you a gift at an unusual place it could mean that you’re in for a nice surprise. 

Getting perfume as a gift

In case you dreamt of this, it could refer to some long-awaited good news you were hoping to get for a long time now. If you could sense the scent of perfume in your dream, someone might be interested in you romantically. 

Getting a ring as a gift

This dream usually points to your romantic feeling towards the person giving you the ring in the dream. If it’s someone you recently argued with, now would be a good time to make peace with that person. 

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Getting a watch as a gift

This dream is an excellent foresign concerning finances and your career. Dream about a watch, you got as a gift, could be a great sign you’re about to meet someone who will help you a great dead career-wise. 

Waiting for a gift – Represent you waiting for something in the real life. 

Definition of gift according to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.

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