Dreaming of Sea, Ocean dream meaning

Dream of sea ocean

The sea, ocean, is a symbol of space, depth, desire for adventure, and it is quite a common motif in dreams, either as an ideal destination for summer relaxation, or as a new adventure that someone is afraid of but also has great expectations for.

What does it mean to dream the sea? – the sea as a predominant motif in dreams

In general, according to the frequency of this dream, the motif of sea expanses or depths of the ocean is common, the people who live near it, who are fascinated by the open sea and want to explore something “hidden” and mysterious, although it is also found in dreamers who dream water as such, and its symbolism is quite diverse in reality.

In the following text, some of the most common dreams about the sea will be listed, as well as interpretations and meanings of how and in what context the sea is dreamed and experienced in a dream.

To dream of seeing a calm and blue sea

This kind of a dream means that you are facing great challenges and decisions, you are fully aware of, and that you have to face them in order to achieve the goal and the desired success.

According to the interpretation of this dream, you are an adventurer, who loves uncertainty, who does not “play it safe”, but you are always ready for new achievements and victories in all aspects of life.

To dream of seeing a turbulent and rising sea

You are facing a very turbulent period, full of challenges and uncertainties, and you will face some very difficult and unpredictable events, which will torment you, and you will worry about them and they will stress you out.

In general, the “restless sea” in a dream is a sign that you will have some quarrels or conflicts in the waking world, especially with people who oppose you and sabotage your intentions and aspirations to succeed, but you are ready to fight for yourself, because you are aware of their potential.

To dream of swimming alone in the sea

When you have a dream like this, its symbolism depends on whether you are afraid of the water, as well as the vast expanse itself, or you enjoy and safely swim in the water without fear.

So, if you are confident, and you are not the least afraid that something bad will happen to you while you are swimming alone in the ocean, it has a similar connotation in reality, and reflects your safety and ability to cope and rise on your own in every situation, above any obstacles and problems, which are inevitable.

However, if you feel fear when you swim alone in the sea, it means that you are constantly looking for someone’s “tacit approval” for your actions, and that you are generally dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

To dream of swimming in the sea with someone you know

If you dreamed of swimming in the sea with someone, and that you felt safe by having some support, in reality such a dream means that you are very noble and a good person.

You feel very attached to your friends, partner, family, and you always take care of them, and do your best that nothing bad happens to them, but in all this you tend to “lose yourself” and do not think about what is good for you.

To dream of sailing or of a boat at the sea

This dream means that you are really ready to face your doubts and fears, and that everything that is uncertain and “terrible” for you, finally ended, you accepted its purpose and decided it was time to go forward.

The important thing is that you have become aware of the fact that security lies in hard work, effort and honesty, and that all moral principles that you have set for yourself, will pay off when the results are summarized in the end.

Dreaming a shipwreck at sea

The dream in which you sailed the sea and experienced a shipwreck, and you were afraid that youll drown, is a bad omen, it is a symbol of betrayal, lies, infidelity, manipulation, trouble.

So, this dream is to be interpreted as a deception and disappointment that you will experience from some very dear and close people, which will completely surprise and sadden you and “leave you in awe”, because you are very honest, and you would never hurt someone like that.

Dream of drowning in the ocean without feeling any fear

It is generally believed that dreams of drowning in the sea mean trouble or illness of some member of your family, as well as losses and a complete “stumble” in every sense.

However, if you, despite the fact that you are drowning and fail to surface up, do not have the fear of death and “sinking” to the bottom of the ocean, in reality it means that you have become aware that something is completely in vain and has no purpose, and resolved to just go “as you must”, because is pointless.

To dream of drowning in the sea and being afraid of dying

This kind of dream in which you inevitably drown in the sea, and you fear the certain death, and there is no one to help you, means that you surrendered easily and that you allowed someone to play you and use you for their own goals.

Sometimes, this dream means that you are a person who has no self-confidence, who has no personal attitude or opinion about anything, and that you are an “easy target” for all those false friends and manipulators, who will easily deceive you because you are naive and gullible.

To dream of you drowning in the sea

If you dreamed that you drowned in the sea, and see yourself “dead and floating on the surface”, this dream has a dual meaning.

According to some dreamers, this dream represents your remorse because you have done injustice to someone, and you see your death in a dream as a kind of “repentance of sins”, although in reality you are not ready to sincerely apologize, you still feel restless, conflicted, and guilty.

A different interpretation of this dream refers to the fact that you´re tired of other people’s problems, that someone close to you, burdens you with their problems, and you feel completely stuck.

Dreaming about watching someone drown in the sea without trying to help him

This dream, in which you see that someone your do or not know is drowning in the sea, but you do not want to help him, symbolizes that you´re very disappointed in someone, and that you are so indignant that you started to behave evilly and to enjoy other people’s trouble and suffering.

Dreaming about watching someone drown in the sea and trying to help him

This dream has a “literal” symbolism, and it is interpreted as your desire or as a need to help someone, and to save him from doom and misfortune.

However, it might be wise to think about it a little, because even though people in trouble are the ones close and dear to you, they are not being sincere to you, they want to save themselves, and they don’t care if you get in trouble by trying to help them.

To dream of clear and transparent blue sea

When you dream that the see is transparent and beautiful, and you can clearly see the bottom, even though it is deep, it means that you are facing a very favorable and beautiful period, and that both privately and professionally, success, joy and happiness are expected.

Dreaming a murky sea

This is a bad omen, it’s the announcement of a nuisance, in almost every aspect of life, which will “happen” to you very quickly, and it will bring poverty, illness, quarrel, dismissal, fraud or any problem that you will not be able to avoid nor to solve it.

To dream that you have fallen into a sea full of sharks

When you dream this dream, its interpretations depend on whether you see sharks in the sea as just a threat that you fear, or in some way you have the impression that sharks are “circling” around you because they are protecting you.

So, if you feel fear of sharks swimming towards you or around you in a dream, it means that you don´t have the courage to stand up for yourself and oppose other people with whom you do not agree, so do as you are told and as others wish.

The opposite interpretation has a dream in which you have no fear of sharks, and you are aware that your values ​​or qualities are something you should be proud of, and you have no doubts when it comes to the decision you need to make, as well as the attitude you need to express clearly.

To dream of diving in the sea

A dream in which you dive into the depths of the sea, explore and admire the underwater beauties, means that you are a person who loves challenges, who is ready to change in accordance with the situation, and that you are ready to accept some new opportunities and offers.

Definition of the sea according to Dictionary.com

the salt waters that cover the greater part of the earth’s surface.

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