To dream about children – dream meaning

Dream of children

Children in dreams can appear in many different contexts, so the meaning of a dream is not easy to determine. A child in a dream is a reflection of a complex relationship with himself and the environment. A child can represent your naivety or an innocent part of your being, and it can also indicate repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes that you are trying to satisfy.

Often, dreams of having children occur when you are childish or signify childish behavior. They may indicate that you are dependent on others or that you cannot take care of yourself. These meanings also apply to situations when you dream of your own or someone else’s child, although dreams of your children are often the result of excessive care and thinking about them.

Dreams of your own children indicate some parts of your personality or some aspects of life that you are happy with. Dreams of someone else’s children may indicate the development of some new things in your life, such as some new creative ideas and situations, for which you feel great excitement. Losing a child in your sleep can indicate that you are under excessive pressure, with too many obligations, so you may overlook some of the things that are most important to you.

If a child has died, a dream can be a sign of an unpleasant change in an aspect of your ​​life that is especially important to you and has promised a lot, and on the other hand, that dream can indicate a successful solution to a problem that has troubled you for a long time. If you have a child in a dream, it can be a sign that you want a child or a relationship.

14 interpretation of dreams about children 

Dreaming about a child

If you had a dream in which you see a child or a child playing, the dream might symbolically represent growth and progress. On the other hand, a dream might also represent a concern due to current life circumstances, perhaps in connection with some bad recent events that have had a bad effect on you. You should avoid stressful situations until you are better able to cope with them.

Such a dream can also represent your inner child. Maybe you remember some events from your childhood and feel nostalgic for those times, and maybe you have some repressed emotions and desires that, sadly, did not come true. Maybe there is something in your life that you postponed for a very long time and now is the time to do it. 

Dream that you have forgotten a child

This dream indicates that you have too many obligations and that is why you forget important things. Maybe you pay too much attention to small things and details, so you lose sight of the whole picture. You definitely need to prioritize and focus on what matters before it’s too late. 

Dream of arguing with a child

If you were arguing with a child in your dream, the dream may mean that you are suppressing your inner child. It’s possible that you had to grow up too fast, and never really had a proper carefree childhood. 

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Dream about your grown children being younger

This dream indicates that you still want to keep your children under control and dependent on yourself. Such a dream can also indicate your need to be important and needed, and lately, you’re feeling like no one really needs you. 

Dream of a crying child

The dream suggests that you may need to reconsider your behavior regarding things that are important to you. Maybe you should postpone some important decisions until you think about the possible consequences, and before you make a life-altering decision. 

Dream of looking for your child

If you have dreamed a dream like this, it may indicate that you will dedicate yourself to some ideas and projects that you postponed for a very long time. Maybe you will get a chance to realize some of your ideas, start a project or get a chance to do your dream job.

Dreaming of a sick child

Dreams about sick children are usually not a good sign and might indicate that someone very close to you is about to become very ill. 

Dream of feeding a child

If you fed a hungry child, in your dream, then that is a good sign. You may be engaged in a project that will require a lot of your effort and energy, but in the end, it will lead to great personal satisfaction and financial gain. This dream can, also, be an encouragement to start a long-desired project that you’ve been postponing for a long time. 

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Dream of punishing a child

This dream indicates that you may not be happy with your current job status. Also, the dream might indicate the dissatisfaction you feel while doing a job you don’t like. Put another way the child being punished is you because you feel stuck in a job that was never your dream job. 

Dream about an unknown child

If you saw an unknown or strange child in a dream, the dream may indicate someone in your life who needs help but is not ready to ask you for it. That person may need emotional or financial support, but she is too proud to ask for it. If you have been dreaming this kind of dream, consider whether someone around you might need that kind of help and offer it to them. 

Dream of a happy child

A dream in which you are near a happy or excited child can mean that people love and respect you and that you cooperate successfully as a result. You feel cherished and appreciated. 

Dream about an unhappy child

If you dreamed of seeing or caring for a child who is unhappy, the dream may indicate that your current behavior is damaging your reputation. Think carefully about your behavior.

Dream of holding a child’s hand

This dream is a good sign, it’s a sign of overcoming problems and difficulties, maybe even some dangerous situations.  

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Dreaming of an evil-looking child

The dream of an evil-looking child can be a symbol of some bad aspects of your personality. Such a dream can also represent a bad situation that gets out of control and makes you terrified. Maybe there is someone in your environment who behaves too childishly and immaturely, and that irritates you a lot.

A dream in which you suddenly had a child

Such dreams can indicate your thoughts about a big change in your life. Maybe a dream means that things are happening too fast, so you have a desire to slow down and get some rest.

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