Dream about aunts – meaning and interpretation

Dream of aunt

Dream about aunts most often symbolize bonds with your family, heritage, roots, and values you inherited and share with your family. These dreams could represent your intuition or aspects of your personality that you inherited from your ancestors. 

16 dream interpretation of your aunt

Dream about seeing your aunt

A dream where you saw your aunt might indicate that some new people are about to enter your life and change it for the better. They are not necessarily your friends, maybe just business partners or acquaintances, but they will help you a lot in your future. 

Dream about your aunt smiling

This dream is usually a good sign and it may indicate some new business opportunity. 

Dream about aunt being angry

This dream is not a good sign. It is a sign that you’re about to get sick. If by any chance, your aunt hit you as well, this means you will not recover as fast as you might hope. 

Dreaming about having sex with your aunt

If you had romantic or sexual feelings towards your aunt in a dream, then this dream reflects your doubts and insecurities involving your current projects. It’s also possible that someone is intentionally or unintentionally preventing your progress. This dream could also be a message to consider all your options and possibilities wisely before making any harsh decisions you might come to regret. 

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Dream about an aunt being dead

The dream that your aunt is dead, although she’s alive in your waking life, might indicate that the relationship between you two has somehow worsened. It’s possible you had some disagreements and now you’re unable to find common ground. 

If she revived in the dream then this might represent you being annoyed that you have to spend time with her at all. Her mere presence is making you angry. 

Dreaming of a dead aunt

Dreaming about an aunt who passed away means that some things in your life are about to completely change. Some unforeseen outcomes or some unexpected opportunities arose and are about to change your life for the better. This dream signifies that a period of stagnation in your life is over and that it’s time to take new challenges and meet new people. 

Dream about your aunt helping you

A dream like this might indicate you’re on the verge of making a decision that could change your life completely and there won’t be any going back after making it. Maybe you’re thinking of some new business opportunities, moving to a different city, or even proposing to your partner. This dream is a message and warning to take all the facts into consideration and think thoroughly before you make the decision or commit yourself to anything. 

Dream about your aunt dying

Having such a dream means you’re about to find something out about a person very close to you, and the newfound information will leave you confused and questioning your friendship with them. 

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Dream about your aunt getting married

This dream is usually not a good sign and might foretell that someone in your family is about to get sick. 

Dream about your aunt getting a divorce

Dreaming about your aunt’s divorce is, ironically, a good sign and means that you’re about to renew a friendship with an old friend. It’s also possible he will give you a very valuable gift. 

Dreaming about your aunt’s baby

This dream might indicate you’re about to change your school or your job.

Dream about your aunt visiting you

A dream like this foretells some unexpected visit from a person, who lives far away, who will bring some sort of confusion and disarray into your family home. 

Dream about your aunt traveling

Such a dream could indicate you will get married to a person you’ve met on your recent travels and stayed in contact with. 

Dreaming about eating with your aunt

This dream isn’t a good sign and might mean you’re about to lose your job, it’s possible you will get fired but also that you’re going to quit. 

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Dream about your aunt crying

If your aunt was crying in your dream then it could mean you will end your relationship with someone you’ve just met, and that could create a lot of problems in your immediate future. 

Dream about your aunt cleaning

This dream indicates you’re about to meet someone with whom you will have a very successful business partnership. 

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