Meaning of dreams about hair

Dreams of hair

The dream of hair is usually a symbol of the way you think and your current thoughts. Color and hairstyle can describe the way you think, so beautifully arranged hair and hairstyle in a dream represent an organized way of thinking, while untidy and tangled hair probably indicates self-critical and nervous thoughts.

23 interpretations of dreams about hair

A dream that hair covers your face

If you have had a dream like this, it may indicate your anxiety in the presence of other people, especially in intimate relationships. It is possible that a dream means that you do not show your feelings or that you have a great fear of rejection. You are possibly an introvert.

A dream that your hair is falling out

A dream in which your hair has fallen out may indicate that you are overwhelmed with fear because of something. A dream is a message that you should face and get rid of it so that you do not cause yourself stress or some other disorder. It is possible the whole situation is just blown out of proportion.

If your hair has fallen out in large strands, the dream might also be a reflection of the fear of death that you should face. Such a dream could also be an announcement of some unwanted changes in your life, which will upset you a lot.

Dream of someone losing their hair

This dream can be a reminder that you should forgive something to a close family member, and try to smooth things over with him, rather than waiting for him to raise the issue of reconciliation first. Better to make the first step rather than be sorry forever.

Dreaming of hair in food

This dream can be a sign that you are still thinking about some unpleasant and humiliating situations from the past, because of which you are ashamed and which you would like to forget. This dream is a message that you have to come to terms with that situation and forget about it because you certainly can’t change anything.

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Dream of hair tied in a knot

If you dreamed that your hair was tied in a knot, the dream might symbolize an important person in your life, and remind you of all the good you experienced because of your relationship with that person.

Dreaming of tangled hair

Intricate hair in a dream may indicate that you need to rethink your life and consider ways to simplify or reorganize it. It is possible you’ve made a mess of your life and now it’s hard to control it.

Dreaming of combing your hair

If you have combed your hair in a dream, the dream is a sign that you are arranging your thoughts and behavior regarding a certain problem or situation in your life.

Dream of cutting someone’s hair

If you dreamed of cutting someone’s hair, the dream could be a reflection of your desire for dominance and control in a relationship, possibly with a colleague from work.

Dream of someone cutting your hair

This dream might be a reflection of your belief that someone stole your idea and your growing disappointment because of it. It is possible someone took credit for all your hard work.

Dream of smelling someone’s hair

If you dreamed of smelling someone’s hair, that dream is probably related to your feelings about someone’s way of thinking. If your hair smelled pleasant in a dream and you liked that scent, the dream is probably a sign that you like someone’s way of thinking. Otherwise, if you don’t like the smell, the dream means that you don’t approve of someone’s ideas and thoughts.

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Dreaming of curly hair

This kind of dream can indicate that your way of thinking is different from other people’s thinking and original. People may think of you as an eccentric and an outsider, that shouldn’t bother you and you should just stay on the same path.

Dream of curling your hair

A dream in which you curled your hair can be a representation of deception and betrayal. Maybe some people are working behind your back, and you don’t know it. A dream is a warning to re-examine people from your life and continue relationships only with those you can trust. And keep your distance from those you cant trust.

Dreaming of dark curly hair

If you have had dark curly hair in a dream, the dream may indicate that you will soon be tempted to enter into a love affair, which may be forbidden.

Dream of slicked hair

A dream in which your hair was licked with gel or hair mousse, can represent some new beginnings or friendships, which will make your life better. This dream may be an announcement of the beginning of a new phase in your life, which will bring you progress.

Dreaming of gray hair

Gray hair in a dream on your or someone else’s head is not a good sign and can foretell an accident. It can also foretell some problems in life, which you should solve in time, so as not to experience financial losses or deteriorating health.

Dream about a very short haircut

If you had very short hair in a dream and you were not satisfied with your hairstyle, the dream can be a warning about your finances. You should think about the way you spend money because it is possible you are spending much more than you should. If you don’t stop in time, you could have big financial problems soon.

Dreaming of long hair

Long hair in a dream signifies freedom, power, and status. If your hair has been cut short in a dream, the dream may indicate the loss of these things.

Dream about dirty hair

A dream in which you or someone else had dirty hair can be a sign of bad luck. You may experience some accidents, perhaps at work, in finances, or in private life, which will cause difficulties in your life.

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Dream of running your fingers through someone’s hair

If you have had a dream like this, it can mean that you will meet someone special, maybe by chance, and that can turn into a love affair with that person. In any case, be on the lookout.

Dream of washing your hair

If you washed your hair in a dream, the dream might indicate that there is a period of insecurity, worries, and stress, which will last for some time. But there is no reason to worry, it will not last forever.

Dream of plucking your hair

The dream in which you were plucking your hair is not a good sign and foretells financial or personal losses. Certainly, a dream is related to something that is important to you and can cause you pain and stress.

Dreaming of doing a haircut

If in a dream you went to a hairdresser to do your hair, the dream may represent new beginnings or changes in the way of thinking. Maybe the dream is a sign that you are getting rid of unwanted thoughts, emotions, life situations and starting a more healthy life. 

If your hairdresser did a haircut against your will, a dream can be a sign of losing your sense of freedom, power, or status. Maybe some unwanted circumstances in your life will make you change your mind.

Dream of a beautiful hairstyle

If you dreamed of having a beautiful hairstyle, then this dream is generally a good sign. It can indicate success at work or in other areas. The dream indicates that you will most likely realize your plans without any obstacles.

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