To dream about a swimming pool

Dreaming about a swimming pool

What does it mean to dream of a swimming pool?

A swimming pool in your dreams represents your feelings and thoughts. Pools as a symbol symbolize some feelings that don’t have that much meaning to you. 

17 swimming pool dream interpretations

Dreaming about a swimming pool

A pool in a dream is a sign of a passionate romantic relationship that is about to happen to you. It’s possible you will get involved with a person you already know and with whom you’re flirting for a very long time. 

Dreaming about an indoor pool

This dream is telling you that you’re a person who wants to keep all of your emotions “inside” yourself. You don’t want any outside influence regarding your stances and views. This dream is a symbol of great potential when it comes to your personal relationships and a message you should try to take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves. 

Dreaming about water in a swimming pool

If you dreamt about a pool full of clear and clean water it’s a sign that there are some good times coming your way. Especially at your work, it’s possible a new business opportunity will present itself or maybe you’ll be rewarded for your hard work. 

Dreaming about an empty swimming pool

A pool without water could be a sign that you’re feeling empty inside. However, if the dream left a positive feeling afterward, it could be a symbol of maturity and wisdom. Maybe you recently learned something that will help you a great deal in the future. 

A swimming pool full of dirty water

This dream is a bad sign a represents your worries about what the future holds and you questioning the decisions you’ve made thus far. 

Strange colored water in the pool

This dream is a representation of all of your emotions mixed together, the brightness of the water could represent your general emotional state. 

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Feeling the swimming pool with water

A dream like this might represent some hard times coming your way, times that will leave you exhausted both physically and emotionally. This dream might also be a warning to try and save some money because it’s possible you’ll run into some financial problems.

Dreaming about a shark in a swimming pool

A dream like this could be a foresign of some unexpected danger in a usually very safe place. This dream could also be a message from your unconscious mind that you have some repressed anger troubling you. 

Swimming naked in a pool

Dreams like this might be a representation of your dissatisfaction with your life. If there were other people in the swimming pool, it could be a sign that you’re feeling embarrassed for some reason. 

Dreaming about a pool party

Attending a pool party could be a sign you’re about to hear some good news. 

A swimming pool surrounded by fire

This dream is a message that you should be more open to some new ideas, or maybe you want to express your feeling and ideas in some other, unconventional way. 

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Standing still in a swimming pool

Standing still or just floating in a pool might be a sign you need to relax a little. You have too much responsibility and it’s going over your head. 

Swimming in a pool

This dream is telling you that now is the right time to finish everything that you started.

Dream about diving in a swimming pool

Diving might indicate that some changes are about to happen in your life and that you should prepare for them. Although changes can be difficult sometimes, it’s best we adapt and try to turn the tables in your favor. 

Being afraid of the water

Standing by the pool, afraid of coming in, is a representation of you being afraid to face your fears. 

Dream about drowning in a pool

This dream might be a warning of some dangerous situation about to happen to you. If you dreamt about being rescued while drowning it is a sign of you overcoming the difficult situation you’re facing. 

Learning how to swim in a pool

Dreams like this might be a sign you’re about to go on a journey. Teaching someone else how to swim is a foresign of upcoming marital or family problems. 

Definition of swimming pool by Cambridge Dictionary:

an artificial area of water for swimming.

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